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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If you want to keep your house warm during the long, cold winter, you have to pay up. Recently we have received phone calls from viewers who say their power bill for December doubled and in some cases tripled.

Both Four-County EMC and Progress Energy say that nothing unusual is going on in their billing departments. Both companies say complaints about high power bills are very common this time of year. They say a lot of things can contribute to those bills jumping significantly from one month to the next.

Four-County EMC says the short answer to what is causing these enormous bills can be the weather and the number of days customers are being billed for.

“Two things that have affected the light bills this winter,” spokesman Chris Ingram said.”One has been the cold weather. It’s the coldest recorded December. The other thing that gets us in December is the holidays. A lot of times our billing periods which are 28 to 30 days goes to 32- to 34-day billing periods.”


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  • Guest

    I thought the same thing but I asked and it’s all electronic now. The people from Progress Energy come out in their vehicle and have a scanner that reads your meter. They simply drive down your street and scan.


  • John Miner

    I have read the statements given by Progress Energy Carolinas and i find them to be highly unlikely considering the fact that today Saturday, February 5, 2011 and according to PEC my last meter reading was on Thursday, February 3, 2011 and I was home on that date and no one came here to read the meter. I know i was home because my son was born on Monday and came home on Wednesday and we did not leave the house on thursday, plus i have my gates to the back yard locked and i have dogs. I have not seen a meter reader in almost a year.

    Progress Energy is guestimating our bills based on their perceived averages for this time of year. They need to be investigated.

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