UNCW trustees tight-lipped on policy discussion


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A policy change could be coming to UNC Wilmington. We say could, because trustees are tight-lipped about what they discussed and approved today.

Two items were on the agenda at the UNCW trustees executive committee’s closed-door session Friday afternoon. One was an open item about funds for on-campus renovations. But no one would give specifics on the other item.

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“Personnel discussions are confidential and done in closed session,” said Cindy Lawson, an assistant to the chancellor.

The special meeting happened over the phone in the chancellor’s office. The media were allowed in for the call to order, but once Board of Trustees chair Wendy Murphy called for a closed session, reporters and photographers were escorted out.

Lawson wasn’t even allowed in, but the executive committee asked her to relay a message.

“Although it was approved, there are still some additional action steps they need to take before I have a resolution that I can share with you,” she said.

Another news outlet in town reports the closed session may have been about the role of Chancellor Emeritus on campus. Dr. Jim Leutze currently holds that role, which means he still receives a paycheck from the university and has an office on campus.

Current chancellor Rosemary DePaolo is set to retire this summer. She has no plans to keep an office on campus, and it’s up to the Board of Trustees whether she will receive the title of Chancellor Emeritus.

The resolution on the open item of business states that improvements will be made to Schwartz Hall, University Suites and Wagoner Dining Hall.