Taxes, budget, parking, safety big issues at Wrightsville Beach Aldermen Retreat


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Changes could be in store for the Town of Wrightsville Beach; Saturday was the annual Wrightsville Beach Aldermen Retreat.

Charlie Bolles has lived on the beach for more than twenty years. “They certainly show a deep concern for Wrightsville Beach and where it’s going in the future, and I think I have trust in them that they’re going to guide us pretty well down the road.”

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Mayor David Cignotti said the Aldermen are proceeding cautiously with the budget but keeping public needs and safety first. “We need help with our waterways to make sure they’re clean for all the public to use. And, like I said, we need to be fair to our personnel, and we want to make sure we have a very conservative budget for the upcoming year.”

Clean waterways are a big concern for Bolles too. “That’s just not good for the waterways, and certainly the boats that anchor in Banks Channel. They have to know it’s a closed head area, and we don’t want them dumping their heads in Banks Channel.”

The Aldermen also discussed public safety issues and the need for more crosswalks.

Cignotti also brought up the issue of term limits for elected officials. “We’re big believers in receiving public input. One is whether the mayor’s term should be two years, which it currently is, or to extend it to four years. And another is whether or not to have term limits for our Aldermen.”

“Two years sounds pretty short for a mayor. He’s got a lot of stuff to do and get going on it, so I’d vote for three years,” suggested Bolles.

The retreat agenda included 45 items of business including recycling, finance and parking… an issue Cignotti said will soon be discussed at a public hearing.

The Aldermen also want to assure the citizens their property taxes will not increase.