FIRST ON 3: Police Department calls out TV station and newspaper for reporting robbery that may not have happened


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Another Wilmington TV station and the local newspaper reported this morning that six armed men had broken into an apartment and stolen a TV, computers, wallets and cell phones.

The police officers who responded to the call say they smelled marijuana when they showed up and reported that the two “victims” waited 30 minutes before they called for help.

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A WPD spokesperson called out the station with the following warning: “A lot of calls are dispatched overnight, and some of them result in significant follow-up investigations. Other calls prove not to be as originally dispatched (for example, a “robbery” actually is a larceny, etc.). The following case probably would not have been called to your attention on our overnight report because of several unresolved issues. But at least one news organization reported early information on the call, and we have received inquiries – so, we’re giving you what we have.”


Case#: 2011-003728

Time: 1:09 a.m. – Tuesday morning

Location: 902 Litchfield Way

Offense: Armed Robbery

Summary: The two male victims, both age 19, reported that a man knocked on the door of their apartment. They said they opened the door a few inches, and the intruders kicked the door open. The victims said that five or six men entered the apartment armed with handguns. The victims said that the intruders all were wearing hoodies, and they had handkerchiefs over their faces. Victims said one of the men pointed a gun at them and made them sit down, while the other men searched their apartment. Victims said the intruders stole a TV, computers, wallets and cell phones. The apartment residents admitted that they waited thirty minutes before reporting the crime. Responding officers detected the odor of marijuana in the apartment. Detectives are following up.