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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington Police have confirmed Taaron Jones, who was stabbed to death outside the Rhino Club Sunday night, was a confirmed member “Double I” (ii) street gang.

Police say he held the rank of 5-star General and at the time of his death was the highest ranking member in Wilmington.

Police also say the walls inside the Rhino Club are painted in red and black, the primary colors of the “Double I” gang.

An investigator reports as well that employees at the Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod to attempt to gain control of patrons who are disruptive or fighting.


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  • robert williams

    you’re such a funny little caveman. it’s easy to sweep around someone else’s door. try sweeping around yours for a change. I hear meth is the drug of choice these days. meth labs all over the state.

  • guesty

    You win the prize for having the longest, unintelligible, mistake filled comment of the day. Ah, he wasn’t in a gang but a movement. Well that just clears everything up. So if a thug steals my car, he isn’t a thief but a car re-locator by your logic. And a drug dealer is just an un-licensed pharmacist.

  • ke

    thank you for being true unlike these other hateful people some people just fail to realise that if your raised in the hood you follow ather what you see so merk wasnt worng at all who ever stabbed him to dath should cry ever day for wwhat they did a taaron aka merk was not in a gang he was in a movment called 1090 the movment and i didnt even now about him until my sister told me about him then i started listing to his music my favorit one is attuides


  • Guest


  • Guest1

    But he WAS a hoodlum! You all seem to think its ok to be in a gang and be a 5 star “general” well let me tell you, you don’t get that high by stealing groceries from the store. This guy was a “thug” and tried to live the thug life. He made some bad decisions and probably murdered some people along the way. Like it or not, people will, and have, judged him for that. You can try to change it all you want, but he was a THUG in a low life street gang. Any positives will not outshine his negatives. He chose his path. Now that people see it and know, there is, and will be, no sympathy. Had he made the right choices in life, people wouldn’t see him in the negative light.

  • BeachKat

    The fact remains no matter what he did, murder is still against the law of the land and of God. This person needs to be brought to justice. This person will probably continue to kill and may even be killed his/her self.

  • BeachKat

    News flash! There is no such thing as infected areas. Wilmington has gangs all over. Open your eyes get the facts and look around you the signs are everywhere. Don’t be so blind that you cannot see. There may just be gangs in your own backyard.

  • BeachKat

    God have mercy on your soul! Just because one gang member is off the streets, does not mean that we are any safer. Now, there is a risk of retaliation from the rival gang. I am not afiliated with any gang and I don’t condone there actions, however I know that the only thing that will stop them is the Lord God Almighty. We must all band together and pray for the salvation of our city, otherwise it amy become so currupt that we will be forced out. These gangs are the devil’s tools to take our childrens’ lives.

    John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

    Most people know the story of the 3 little pigs, it teaches you to do your work before you play, it says don’t build with straw, don’t build with sticks, build something that lasts, build with bricks. The problem is that it suggest that you can really build something that lasts, by yourself. It also says, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf – not me.

    The first problem is that this world is passing away, the wages of sin is death, we all die, and the world as we know it will come to an end. We look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the gift of God in Jesus Christ. Sure you can build a house of bricks, and it may keep you safe from some things, but its not enough. Even the 3 little pigs learned this, although the wold could not blow it down, if there was no fire in the fireplace, the wolf could come down the chimney. While you may have some wood for the fireplace, there comes a day when you run out, and must go out to get more, and the wolf will be waiting.

    You just can’t save yourself, there are many things you can do, many things you can try – but there is good reason to fear the big bad wolf – because its not one thing. These days there are many people who do not fear the devil. Many do not even believe he is real. But he is real, and we are told that he is a prowling lion looking for someone to destroy. The devil is real, and his is not our only enemy, the world and the flesh are also out to seduce us, and to destroy us.

    We have 3 real enemies – these 3 are the thief. The thief has only come to steal, kill and destroy. Whenever you see loss, death, and destruction you know that the enemy is at work. And while there are many things you can do, and while you can certainly build a house of brick, and live a healthy lifestyle – no matter how hard we try, we cannot save ourselves.

    We cannot save ourselves, but Jesus can, Jesus does. We cannot overcome sin, death and the devil by ourselves, but Jesus has. Jesus has overcome by the cross, and the empty tomb, and resurrection from the dead. Jesus has not only overcome, but Jesus has conquered. Jesus saves. Jesus can save us from the world, the flesh, and the devil, and Jesus can even save us from ourselves. Jesus came that he might give us life, not just ordinary life, but abundant life, everlasting life in the new heaven and the new earth where there is no more sin, or sickness, or suffering, or sorrow.

    And while many people know about the 3 little pigs, the only thing that really matters, the only thing we really need to know, is to know about our Savior, to know about Jesus. People have taught us about Jesus, because Jesus is our Savior and we need a savior from the world, the flesh, and the devil who are all seeking to steal, kill and destroy.

    So the Spirit works through the word to create faith in our hearts. Faith which teaches us to know our Saviors voice. Faith which leads us to follow him, faith which hope in the abundant and everlasting life which we are promised in his name. So Jesus has called us to life.


  • BeachKat

    Does it matter where it happened? The truth is it happens anywhere. Most importantly, this is just something that we need to step up and fight against. If we don’t stop sitting here arguing amongst our selves and find out what we can do to stop gangs. We will lose more, sons, fathers, brothers, cousins and even sisters, mothers and daughters. Because they are in the gangs as well. I don’t care if we have to shut down all the clubs. What good do clubs do anyway? Tell me one good thing that comes from a club! Can you do that? If someone wants to drink, they can just drink at home. This way we don’t have to lose family members to accidents caused by drunk drivers and we will know where our loved ones are at. If people would stay at home with their family, where they belong, we wouldn’t see as much crime in the streets. Most of these crimes are commited while the productive members of society are sleeping. Why does ANYONE need to be out on the streets after 10 pm anyway, unless they are going to or coming home from their job?

  • BeachKat

    I am doing my best not to judge you, like you are obviously doing! Let’s all try to show a bit of empathy here. It is not really fair for you to assume that these people have not been disciplined by their parents and that their being in a gang has anything to do with their income. Gang members come from all walks of life. I happen to know that some of these people come from very wealthy families. Some are even raised in church and have been disciplined by their parents. Yet they join a gang. I will pray for you and your family. Just know that it is ONLY by the GRACE of God that it is not one of your own.

  • Guest Walter Sobchak

    I didn’t know leaders of violent, drug dealing gangs went to Heaven – I thought they generally ended up in a warmer location.

  • BeachKat

    I happen to know that some very nice and smart people have been sucked into gangs. The devil is the master deciever and anyone can be suckered in by his lies. Take Eve for example, she disobeyed God, by believing the lie of the devil. We are all defensely, when it comes to satan and only God can delivery us. Have you forgotten this?

  • OHHH

    You People is soooooo ignorant!!! HOw you all gone talk about other people kids and half of yall don’t even know where and what yall kids doing with they life;;; Your son probably in a gang too but you don’t know!!!! Its NOT like they gonna tell you!. IT was definately NOT that boy fault he got killed HE WAS THE VICTIM!!! YOU NEED FIND THE PERSON THAT KILLED HIM INSTEAD OF FOCUSING SOOOO MUCH ATTENTION ON WHAT HE DID IN LIFE!. Everybody makes mistakes that GOD will forgive them for… If he was white it wouldn’t be such a BIG DEAL!!!!! Alot of racism in he world now in days. FInd out who killed him instead of focusing on him and he’s dead;; What you all going to do?, let them suspect go FREE because the victim was possibly in a gang???? Get out of here with ALL that jibber jabber man! JUST IGNORANT!!!!!!

  • LaDonna

    The comment that you made makes no sense at all. You can not blame this childs parents for his actions. Every human being has his own mind and his actions are his own.A comment like this must be coming from someone with no children because if you had a child that wouldn’t even had been a thought that went through your brain. Children are going to be children. It’s probably not that his parents didn’t show him the right way to go. It’s that he didn’t tale their advice. So the next time I would advise you to think things over and look at both sides instead of seeing a black boy with dreads and automatically thinking he is a hoodlum. You never know peoples situation or the struggles they have went through.You’re not God, you shouldn’t judge people. My condolences go out to all of his family and friends. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Remember times get hard but God is always right there beside you even when no one else is.

  • Guest

    To whoever posted this, “You act like its ok to be in a street gang. They do nothing but commit crimes, wreak havoc, spread violence wherever they go, and kill innocent bystanders without a second thought. The parents should have done a better job raising him. Had they done a better job and kept him off the streets in his childhood/teenage years, this probably could have been avoided. Just because you’re part of a low income family doesn’t mean you can’t discipline your kids and be in their lives to help them and keep them in school and off the streets.”, you have some nerve. I don’t know this guy but I sure hope you do. If you do or if you don’t really does not matter. The truth is that the life a person chooses cannot be blamed on their parents or their economic class. It is a matter of choice. What about kids that are born to crack addicts and live in cars and watch their mothers and/or fathers prostitute themselves or sometimes even the children and then go on to become well-educated successful members of society and/or loving parents? I pray for you that you will never know the heartache of knowing that you have done all you can and your kids are not what you expected.

  • Guest228

    or do you work for wway..they didnt start it but they sure are the one stirring the pot..

  • Guest1

    You act as if WWAY is the only one that does this. If news outlets didn’t try to find the most juicy stuff, they’d be out of the business. It’s a business just like any other establishment. You have to report on the big stuff so that you keep viewers. If they reported boring news, who would honestly keep watching?

  • Guest1

    You act like its ok to be in a street gang. They do nothing but commit crimes, wreak havoc, spread violence wherever they go, and kill innocent bystanders without a second thought. The parents should have done a better job raising him. Had they done a better job and kept him off the streets in his childhood/teenage years, this probably could have been avoided. Just because you’re part of a low income family doesn’t mean you can’t discipline your kids and be in their lives to help them and keep them in school and off the streets.

  • Guest Apu

    I would guess that Rhino Club didn’t hire off-duty cops because they didn’t want them there. It would just scare off their preferreed clientelle.

  • Guest Apu

    You hate it when they try to trash a young black man just because he’s in a gang? “They” don’t have to trash him, because he’s already trashed himself. In my opinion, anyone in a gang is trash, no matter what color you are. He wasn’t just rollin with his friends and relatives. The business of the gang is making money, mostly by dealing drugs, i.e. selling poison on the street. Kind of the definition of trash isn’t it?

    By the way, what’s wrong with the name his parents gave him? Why does everyone have to have ignorant sounding street names? Tay Tay? Merk Biddy? Sounds like something a baby says when he’s learning to talk.

  • Guestcit

    Why does it take a young mans death for ABC to act- Why does it take a tragedy like this for our leaders to speak out but do very little to address crime issue here? Why not sooner before an event like this

  • Guest Apu

    I would say that his life was of less value than that of a good, upstanding citizen. Think about it, whose life diminishes a community more. 1 – gang leader involved in selling drugs (poison) to our citizens OR 2 – ordinary guy who works for a living, pays his taxes and strives to be a good husband, father, church member, etc. I think the answer is obvious and would also argue that the community is better off without him being here. Not saying I’m glad he’s dead. But better him than some innocent person not trying to live the Thug Life.

  • Guest

    this is probably a classic case of a poor family where the father toook a walk—-it shows us how a “complete” family is soimportant to encouarge to maybe prevent a child from going downhill

  • Stephen Leigh `

    I’m sorry for your lost I know how hard it is to lose someone close to you. I pray for peace and healing and I also pray that people will stop being so mean and hateful in judging this young man. We all have sin in our lives so no one is fit to judge anyone. Thank God that he was here and that he knew that people loved him is all that matters. Some children die the minute they are born. He was a blessing to someone and God sae fit to call him home. My prayer is that he is right and heaven is his eternal home.

  • Guest Apu

    I doubt it. Since he was a gang leader, involved in the drugs and violence that goes along with it, I would say he might be headed the other way. If he had been a good Christian, or a Church leader, I’d agree with you. But, I’d say he has more in common with the devil than God.

  • Guest411

    Criminal records are public record sweetie. You can find just about anything you want on just about anybody. The fact that he had a criminal record does not make his life less valuable than anyone else’s. The fact he was a “gangster” with a background and not a productive member of society with a back ground does. What the heck do they think they will grow to be an old gang member, have the street name Gramps? How did he become a four star general, pretty sure it wasn’t by helping the homeless? Get a grip; joining a gang only shortens your life span or time you get to spend outside the penitentiary. He made a choice and he suffered the ultimate consequence. End of story.
    I’ve got an idea why don’t all you “want to be gangsters” up and leave, go to Raleigh. I’m pretty sure Philly or NYC would be too hard for you. Maybe you could make it in Atlanta.
    Oh I also love how you show your loyalty to the same gang with your R.II.P.

  • GuestLee

    The fact is that Slice of Life Pizza hasn’t received about 200 calls to the Police Dept. about fights, underage drinking and stabbings connected to it. All this started as an argument at the Rhino Club and spilled out into the street. Your cutsie little comments about Landfall, Wrightsville Beach, and the Marines are only a pathetic attempt to take attention away from the real truth. Your “facts” are twisted.

  • Guestcom

    we tend to judge each other much too quickly- maybe we should leave that to the almighty—since none of us are saints?

  • Guest

    Facts— from these folks—we have gone from reporters like Murrow to pickney—just another reflection of decline in our culture and journalism- no wonder people turn this stuff off–way to hurtful and not to inform us

  • Guest

    Muckraking and posting comments of hate- how sad how shameful -but this is wway3

  • Guest

    while this man may have did his wrong in life…havent we all? And its so sad to see these comments because no matter what he did a life is a life, and its a precious thing to see go suddenly and so young. I wish some of ya’ll could listen to yourself, and the bigot comments you make. This man was someones child, someones brother, cousin, first love, whatever and his life is no less valuable because of the things he may have done.

  • Guest

    flashlight? ive seen the employees at rhino light that thing up a time or too, and it wasnt a led. i think they employee told me it was 200,000 watts… aprox. 150,000 watts more than what you can find in a police officers taser.

  • Guest

    Some people on here have no clue on what they are talking about. He is not the first or the last person on this earth that is in gang. There are both black and white ppl in gangs in NC (watch tv). No mother should have to go through this because of the act of a stupid person. All these negative comments about Mr. Jones is not going to change anything that happen Monday morning. The young man has lost his life and his killer is out on the streets. For someone to talk about his mother that u don’t even know is wrong. You don’t know what this women has went through or as tried to do for her son. This family has had two deaths in one month and all you stupid people can say is negative things. Get a life beside having your head so far u youe tail. Every one wasn’t born as a million dollar baby and some of you people act like it. If u are so worried then maybe you should reach a hand out.

    God bless his family and friends. Keep God first.

  • Guest

    Personally, I believe regardless if the individual was black, white, green, yellow, or polka dotted blue… a life was still taken and justice needs to be served. So wat if he was a high ranking gang member!!!! No one deserves to lose their life over someone else’s stupidity!!! We cannot blame Taaron because he was in a gang, we cannot blame the Rhino because it happened “OUTSIDE” of their club, we cannot blame the WPD because of the lack of officers on duty, BUT we CAN BLAME the coward who took his life, who is STILL WALKING THE STREETS!!!!! Also, due to the fact that he was a gang member should be all the more reason we come together as a community and stop this senseless violence!!! All this stir of the media consistantly elaborationg on the fact that he was a gang member is ridiculous and needs to stop… what business is it of theirs or the WPD (yes im pointing the finger becasue it had to come from them… WWAY doesn’t have access to criminal records) to expose someones criminal and/or background history regardless of what color you are, where you live, or the set you claim. Yes I strongly agree that when an African American (even Hispanic- depending on the crime) is involved, it is more common that the childhood and criminal background history is brought up… but why??? what does it prove?? what does it solve??? Moreless… what is the purpose especially when a life has been taken??? Has anyone thought to take the time to think about the family?? This is the second child they have lost in less than a month!!! Where is tha compassion and sympathy for the mother who has to bury her child!!! Has anyone thought to send her a condolence, a card, a flower or two… NO because they’d rather badger and brow beat her son’s character!!! Furthermore, if the media was so politically correct they would know that Taaron was NOT fighting… he was actually an innocent bystander who failed victim to someone’s cowardness!!! Where are the video tapes… im sure the many cameras downtown in that area have captured somthing!!!! I just hope that justice is served and the case isn’t closed because it was a black on black crime and he was in a gang!!! My prayers go out to the Jones family… may God bless you all in this time of need and may you all be granted the justice and closure that you deserve!!! R.II.P. Taaron aka Merk Biddy… you were a great person, and well loved by many, a positive influence in the community, and to people around you. You will truly be missed!!! <3

  • Guest

    Since he was a decorated five star general, do we fly our flags at half staff?

  • Guest

    It certainly wasn’t from his College ID….

  • I mean seriously! What does his background have to do with anything?? Mothers are not supposed to bury their kids under any circumstances! The news will bring the bad out on you if nobody else does. He was a very good man & well mannered. He was jus in the wrong place at the wrong time. He did not deserve to die. Wish ya’ll would get ur facts together before putting them out there.((B.II.P Merk BIIDY)). We love u man!!

  • Guest228

    As you wrote this comment, it was also being written in the book of judgement under your name..wont be able to hide from GOD that day so repent for the sins you committed against this young man and his family

  • Guest

    I’ll bet anything that this picture of the “General” is just one of his many mugshots. Just saying.

  • Telenator

    I want to applaud WWAY for having the guts to report the actual pertinent facts surrounding the Taaron Jones murder at the Rhino Club in downtown Wilmington. Don’t expect to silence a real news outfit by playing that old, worn-out race card. Some people apparently think they can control content or prevent the truth from being revealed by making the “racist” accusation. I found the story extremely fair and well-balanced.

    And to the merchants of downtown: My family and many of our friends no longer shop or go downtown at any time or for any reason, because downtown IS a dangerous place. I’m sick of the lazy, lame excuses made by city police and government. What a disgrace.

  • Guest

    While I think it is sad that any mother should have to bury their child this way, I can honestly say his lifestyle lead him to this sad way to die.
    As far as the bar owners. This club has been in trouble a lot and I have heard things that go on there are not good!! It is this type of bar that gives the honest bar owners who are only trying to make a living a bad name. If the police had of put more cops at this bar knowing there was trouble here quite often, instead of standing in front of City Saloon this story might….I am saying might of had a different ending. So I do not condone gangs, drinking out of control etc. but some people do go out for a drink….LET THE CITY LEADERS LIKE SAFFO AND THE COUNCIL AND THE POLICE LOOK AT THE ENTIRE PICTURE. NOT ALL BARS DOWNTOWN ARE A PROBLEM!

  • Guest

    Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod HAHA get your facts straight ., Its a FLASH LIGHT WOW ., really always trying to Bash the Clubs and just cause it happened out side of the club doesn’t mean it happened in the club its not even the same thing .,.,

  • Guest228

    Please dont judge..submit a solution as to how to end this violence..remember you too shall be judge even for the comments you posted unless you repent..

  • Guest228

    May God have mercy on your soul!

  • Guest228

    and one day he might just be the one to fight along with the angels in the coming of Christ..God have mercy on your soul!

  • Guest228

    God has a plan for you and everyone else on this blog..repent your words and ask GOD to come in your heart..

  • Guest228

    God has a plan for everyone of us..We all shall be judged one day..remember that!

  • Guest228

    I can probably believe that this young boy wasnt posting hurtful comments on that link..Im praying for you to have an open heart!

  • Guest228

    I pray that you find it in your heart to stop making hurtful comments..

  • Knightrider

    This is not a shock to me and it should not be to others. This Thug has been a member of this gang for quite a long time, for him to make 5-Star. Gangs in Wilmington should be considered Domestic Terrorists and should be treated as such. A vast majority of the violent crime in this city is due to Gangs. The city is undersiege and it is like no body can see this except for the educated. The individuals that morn this Animals death are part of the problem.

    People of the infected areas of town have to stand up UNITED and say no more. The police Dept is not to blame when a individual has NO act right!!!!!!! This is a parents job to teach this and if they failed at this, they have no one to blame but themselfs. Not the City, The Club or the police. All I can see is a Hunter that became the Hunted. He is no longer a drain on our community and we are one step safer. One less Gang member(Terrorist)is a good thing. The price he paid is his and his alone. If this makes some people mad then maybe you need to look at the way you are living. THE TRUTH HURTS.

  • SMH

    It’s sad to see how raciest and unimpassioned some of you are. A life is not ours to judge. If he was a gang member or college grad he faced his judgement already. When someone white dies you don’t see people disrespecting them or there family. People make bad decisions everyday and that was evident by some of the post I seen. Instead of downing people and praising that fact that a son, a friend, a brother, a grandchild, a human being has been killed why don’t you use you energy to think of positive things to encourage the others to do. Comments like some of the ones I seen only enrages anger because some of you clearly have do not respect for someones life. No being a gang member is not good and I will not justify that but he was still a human. When you die amongst the things some people could say about you they can also add raciest to you life long journey. I wish you all well and hope instead of bashing someone you can be a blessing to someone!

  • disgusted

    I couldn’t agree more. There are fights breaking out all the time. There was a homeless man stabbed on front street on saturday and a woman had a knife pulled on her monday night. I haven’t seen anything about these crimes hyped up quite like this. It’s amazing how the media can ruin the reputation of someone. People believe everything that they read. I commend the owner of the Rhino Club for cooperating with the WPD to help control violence on THE CORNER WHERE HIS BUSINESS IS. This could happen to any bar or restaurant downtown. The fact that now the media is criticizing the colors inside the club is absurd!! You could get petty like that with just about every bar or restaurant in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. WWAY has ruined a business with it’s over-exaggeration of a terrible tragedy. Let’s thank God that no one on the Rhino staff OR the staff of Slice of Life got hurt during this fight.

  • crossthread

    Means He was almost, (not likely) HEAD of the GANG, Wearing a over 21 wrist band when He is only 19….
    Dealing drugs/fighting over turf/ and lord knows what else…
    I’m in a position into looking at the OWNER of this so-called club to see if HE Himself was involved? Maybe he was the COC, (Chief of command)…
    A needless death that could of been prevented, but was not…
    This *man* (I use this term usely,) was akin to the Cumbly Family, >sp< family that dealt drugs/murder and other crimes against the citizens of Wilmington for many years...

  • Wilm Citizen

    To become a thug,to do the things he had to do, he had to walk away from Christ, in both actions and his heart.

    Say what you need to to make yourself feel better, but forgiveness wasn’t in his soul when he died.

  • What a JOKE, 5 STAR GENERAL. The only GENERAL I have heard of are the ones in the military. Not the ones hanging out in night clubs and on the streets at 2-4am

  • Guestfnsd

    its KARMA. Dummy.

  • Guest

    I sure hope you dont have any kids…and if you do may God be with you too!

  • KrisC

    People have to identify with something. This is why young people join gangs, because they think it’s cool. There is nothing else for them to do. Give these people a reason to strive for a good life. There is nothing for them when the economy continues with no work being generated, continues to be outsourced and people are hired from out of the country to come in rather than hiring locals. Anybody but Americans it seems!

  • Guest2255

    I’ve read a lot of comments describing the pain Taaron’s mother is having to go through, but where is this child’s father?

  • ERRA

    R.I.P. TAARON…His death was a huge lost to alot of people and further more because he was in a gang dont mean he didnt have goals in life…if you took a walk in his shoes then you would know how his life was. Everybody voicing they opinions but dont know nothing. He could have been out having a good time with his friends when it happened…please dont be so quick to judge unless you grew up with us and lived the life..He was a outstanding person and someone we loved dearly…yes he was in a gang yes he may have done bad things by why bring up is past for what what does it prove…that wilmington is racist and i know that because i was born and raised there. if you die and your background is not clean they air the dirty laundry for no reason. to talk about the past of a death person when it was bad proves to show that wilmington didnt and dont have many opportunities for youth to do something outside of being in gangs and whatnot..police harass the black community on a day to day basic even if they just walking to the store or not…smh…its ashame how society is having such an effect like this saying all this disrespectful things about him…smh…LIKE I SAID KEEP ALL YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF BECAUSE HE YOU DONT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY AND LIVED HIS LIFE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY…HE WAS A FRIEND/BOYFRIEND/BROTHER/COUSIN/UNCLE/FAMILY TO THOSE WHO NOW MOURN HIM…SHOW RESPECT BECAUSE BESIDES HIM BEING IN THE GANG WAS ALSO HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    man shut up…how about if your family member died and we were all on here bashing their name but didnt know anything about them..their life or what they have been through? Stop looking your nose up at people and keep the negative comments to your self seriously….you big and bad saying all this behind a computer but i would dare you to say any of this to the family’s face…haha…enough said…RIP Taaron Jones aka Merk Biiddy…the realist 5Star..and ya know that!

  • Telenator

    Guest228: I read my Bible daily, thank you very much, and have been for more than 40 years. Furthermore, I’m not judging anyone, but if I did it would be “by the content of their character,” as one of my heroes told us to do. I give thanks to God that His plan for my life was not to be a repeat felon and gang leader/general of a criminal group. I think it’s sad that anyone should have to lose his life this way, but no amount of words are going to convince anyone “what a sweet guy he was.” People should be forgiven for their wrongdoing, but they still have to face the consequences. I’m watching an entire generation perish because nobody will take responsibility for anyone’s actions. Open your eyes and view reality instead of making excuses and pretending nothing is wrong.

  • Guest

    What does that have to do with anything?

  • Guest

    First and foremost my condolences and prayers go out to this young mans family and friends. People never realize what it is like to experience the lost of a loved one until it really happens to them. The media has taken this story and ran wild with it. Just remember that everybody is somebody’s child. No one would want their loved one remembered by the bad that they did in life. Everyone with negative comments and the media fail to realize even though he wasn’t the “best” he is and was a child of God. People are so ready to judge someone on all the wrong that they encountered in life but before anyone can do that we must first take a look in the mirror and realize that everyone has a past. He may have been in a gang but no one but him knows if he was getting on the right track. The incident that occurred was senseless and could have been prevented. So now instead of the family and friends dwelling on what the media is projecting about him, just thank God for the time that he allowed Mr. Jones to dwell on this earth. And the reason why WECT isn’t dwelling on this is because they have respect for people.

  • Guest

    Taaron’s history has everything to do with why he was killed early Monday morning. He was a gang member rappin at a club where Folk nation gang members were at. Taaron and the eastside folk nation members had issues… Taaron was in the gang lifestyle and that is why he is dead, plain and simple.

  • Charles Barkley

    Hey, guess what…….The murder didn’t happen “at” the Rhino Club. The murder didn’t happen “in front” of the Rhino Club. Truth be told, the murder happened in the parking lot beside Slice of Life pizza. He was in the Rhino Club having a good time. There was NO fighting in the Rhino Club. Why is the Rhino Club being accused of spearheading a murder? I haven’t heard Slice of Life being mentioned not ONE TIME! That is ridiculous. But I forget, Wilmington Police, news, and newspapers need to have a scapegoat so they can make everything seem kosher to the residents of Landfall and Wrightsville Beach. Guess what else, there are fights EVERYWHERE downtown. What about the marines that ride a stripper bus equipped with a stripper pole? They come down here EVERY weekend, get hammered, and start fights…..never fails. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The young man’s death is a unforgettable and unforgiveable tragedy, but let’s get the facts straight before we start shutting clubs down and stereotyping groups of people!

  • Guest

    Understand one thing and one thing only—actions have consequences. He made choices and those choices cost him his life.

  • so long sucka

    I’ve never seen such ridiculous, racist, drool over a thug.
    But to actually post that crap, for all the world to see with your names and pictures is unbelievable.

    If you have jobs, I hope your employer takes a good look at your value system.

    All thugs are good boys.

    I suppose the guy that stabbed him is a “good boy” too.

    Maybe ya’ll can make him a page, and glorify him like this “hero”.

    Before you do another page, learn to read and write. I know it takes longer to compose coherent sentences, but it would help you in your job search.

    But wait. Your not searching for a job.

    Your too busy glorifying a “gangsta N____r”. YOUR WORDS on Facebook not mine.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, if the smoke from the “blunt” will let ya.

    “Peace out”, “talk to the hand”, blah blah blah.

  • Barston W

    City Limits hires those cops to stand out front to prevent any issues. They are off duty and not on city time.

  • PORTCITY 910

    wwaytv3. the lil homie was one of the coolest and honest person you can meet. i hate when they try to trash a young black man name just because he in a gang in other words rollin with his friends and relatives. He didnt deserve to die no matter wht he was and thats the truth. R.I.P Tay Tay. AKA Merk Biddy. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.

  • I’d like to think positively that at least one person will have enough sense to see the way this young man lived his life and make the connection as to why he is dead at such a young age. That at least one person will resist the temptation to join a gang because of even the leader’s aren’t safe. Life is precious as many have stated, why waste it in the negative aspects of the world – rise above.

    I’d also like to use this moment to positively educate anyone who reads this:

    It is spelled racist.
    Strippers and prostities are racey and perhaps the raciest people.

    Also don’t confuse hatred of gang members for racism. People here crap on ne’er-do-wells of all colors. Especially gang members whether they be black, white, asian or latino.

  • Guest4u

    Below is a link for everyone who thinks this young man’s past is only being commented on because he is black. Please read the comments section for the article below.


    White victim, same comments.

  • Guest

    If his mother knew he was in a gang, she knew she would be burying him before he buried her. That’s the way gang life works. Don’t act like you are so enraged that people are talking crap about this kid. He was living the life and he probably knew it would happen sooner or later. He was the gang leader right? I know you don’t get to the top without stepping on a lot of heads to get there.

  • Guest

    What do you mean don’t bring up the past. Have you ever heard of carma? Obviously not, the old addage is whatever you do will come back to you. His past is exact reason we are having this conversation to begin with. The fact that he was a 5 Star General means that he has definitly put his hands on more than one person in his day. It just came back, that’s all.

  • Wilm Citizen

    What is sad about this isn’t his death. Its how he chose to live life. A thug. No redeeming value to society. He was therefore a terror to our city, dangerous to you and I. Sorry family and friends, but we’re all just a little safer now.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword. How many people did he put down the same way to make “general”? Sucks to be him.

  • Das Weibstück

    “WWAY doesn’t have access to criminal records”. I am a 48 year old housewife and I have access to criminal records. Just shows how ignorant you are right there. Here ya go:

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