ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Barfield threatens to remove Mayor Futch from Transportation Advisory Committee


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – We and The Big Talker FM have obtained emails between Leland Mayor Walter Futch and New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield showing a little tension between the two as they sit on the Transportation Advisory Committee.

Just a few weeks ago, Commissioner Jason Thompson literally invited Futch out into the parking lot to settle a disagreement over comments Futch made about Thompson. Thompson told Futch he could either go outside and settle the disagreement like men, or he could sit there and wet his Huggies.

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Now it appears Barfield has lost patience with the mayor, and threatened to get him kicked off the TAC.

A lot of the drama is due to a difference of opinion regarding the Cape Fear Skyway Bridge Project. Futch is adamant the project should not proceed. He also contends many of the politicans involved in the project have a financial stake in it’s approval.

He sent the following email to Mike Kozlosky, the Executive Director of the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, looking for an email trail:

From: Walter B. Futch, JR. [] Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 9:25 AM
To: Mike Kozlosky
Subject: Fourth Request for emails


I would like to get a copy (electronic is okay) of all the emails between you and Mr. Wilson, you and Mr. Saffo, you and Ms. Padgett, and you and Mr. Sue (including to his wife Bidgie’s email address) since 2005?

Could I just get them for 2009. I know I can file a formal request for freedom of information and they have to be produced in 20 days but I was hoping that they could be done without that option. I don’t need the notice of meetings with agendas etc.

I think I have waited three months for this.

Thank you.


We called Mayor Futch Wednesday evening to help clarify what he’s specifically looking for, but he has yet to return our call.

In response, Chairman Barfield, who was copied on the above email, sent this to Futch:

From: Barfield, Jonathan [] Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 4:05 PMh
To: Walter B. Futch, JR.; Mike Kozlosky
Subject: RE: Fourth Request for emails


Why do you continue to waste the time of our staff, and taxpayers money on your little game? You are doing a great disservice to your community and your town council by all of your antics at our meetings etc. For someone who is quick to hold up his book on Robert’s Rules of order to tell the chair no he can’t finish his comments in a meeting is uncalled for and very unprofessional, and it did not represent your office of mayor well at all. All of the name calling without any facts to support what you are saying has got to stop. Quite simply the majority of those you serve with on the TAC are tired of this mess. You need to practice what you preach as the saying goes. Your town council had a representative on our board and he voted the will of your council, if he did not that is between your council and him. You are trying to hold others accountable for your own councils responsibility to get timely information from your representative on our board.

Walter the games have got to stop, if you cannot control yourself, I request that the Leland Town Council appoint another member to take your place and then you can follow up all of your unfounded accusations as a citizen seeking answers. You have cost the tax payers of our MPO thousands of dollars in staff time with your games as it relates to wanting emails from everyone under the sun.

Walter the games have got to stop.

Jonathan Barfield,Jr
New Hanover County Commissioner
230 Government Center Dr Suite 175
Wilmington, NC 28403