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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County woman posted pictures of herself with a mutilated animal on her Facebook page, and it’s causing quite the stir on the Internet.

The images are so graphic and grotesque, we can’t even look at them in the newsroom, but they’ve piqued the interest of investigators at the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Wednesday a woman named Amber Baird reportedly posted pictures on her Facebook profile of her with a mutilated cat. Viewers began emailing us their concerns and links to the disturbing images.

Other Facebook users created the page “Amber Baird Mutilated a Cat?” Most comments are too vulgar to share, but one girl wrote, “This is disgraceful. That cat didn’t do a thing. Poor little kitty.”

Someone else said, “Yuck…She’s from my home town.”

Another simply wrote, “Evil.”

The creator of the page wrote, “Perhaps she might explain this situation if the group becomes popular enough.”

One viewer took a screenshot of a comment exchange between Baird and one of her friends that may offer some reasoning. A friend asked, “Did you kill it?” Baird’s response: “Naw, found it on the side of the road.”

We contacted the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and found out the images had already made their way into the hands of an investigator. The detective on the case met with District Attorney Ben David Friday afternoon and decided Baird will not be criminally charged because there is no evidence she harmed the cat before it died.

We learned tonight New Hanover County Animal Control has handed down civil penalties against Baird. They include: a violation of health and wellness and teasing and molesting. Baird is required to pay a $400 fee. Detectives continue investigating the numerous death threats against Baird sparked by the photos.


NHSO Detectives Investigate Reports of Animal Cruelty

After receiving multiple calls from the 911 center and numerous calls to the Detective Division, New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation into reports of animal cruelty. Detectives began the investigation with reports of pictures on multiple social media sites of a cat being killed and skinned. The suspect, Amber Baird an eighteen year old white female, had posted pictures of herself on a social media site with a skinned cat skull. Investigators interviewed Ms. Baird who admitted to skinning the cat but she stated that she and a friend found the cat dead on the side of the road. After speaking with the suspect and several other individuals, Detectives determined that the elements needed to file criminal charges had not been met due to the fact the feline was dead. According to North Carolina Statutes animal cruelty only applies to live animals.

Subsequently Detectives contacted animal control and have charged Amber Baird with violating County Civil Codes. She been charged with violating Health & Wellness and Teasing & Molesting, she also has been fined $400.00 by animal control.

The investigation is still ongoing due to the fact of the numerous death threats Amber Baird has received. Death Threats are a criminal violation and the NHSO Detective Division is following up on those leads. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Sec. 5-12. Teasing and molesting.

It shall be unlawful for any person to maliciously tease, molest, bait or in any way bother any animal.

(Code 1978, § 3-12)

State law references: Authority to prohibit the abuse of animals, G.S. 153A-127.

Sec. 5-14. Health and welfare.

It shall be unlawful for any person to molest, torture, deprive of necessary sustenance, cruelly beat, needlessly mutilate or kill, wound, injure, poison, abandon or subject to conditions detrimental to its health or general welfare any animal or to cause or procure such action. The term “torture,” “torment” or “cruelty” shall be held to include every act, omission or neglect whereby unjustifiable physical pain, suffering or death is caused or permitted; but such terms shall not be construed to prohibit lawful shooting of birds, deer and other game for human food, nor to prohibit animal control or its agents or the humane society or veterinarians from destroying dangerous, unwanted, sickly or injured animals in a humane manner.

(Code 1978, § 3-14)


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  • the cat

    People for the ethical treatment of DEAD animals!?

  • Di

    What a freak!People Like this go on to do much worse. SHE IS A LOSER!

  • cheryl

    what kind of an idiot would say, its just a cat????? as was stated, its a living, breathing, feeling animal. i personal think animals are better at expressing emotion for someones elses suffering better than some people, like you obviously. this girl is sick and gonna get sicker if someone dosnt stop it she just might up the anti and kill babies. killing of anything is wrong. animals have no voice thank god for people like the one above in this comment list who called her in. you are a saint. god wants us to be stewarts over the animals and he wants us to forgive, i need to work on that. but i treat people how i would want to be treated. irregardless of how they are to me. some days easier than others but i try. this isnt about judgement but it is about recognizing this girl needs some serious help. it is up to us to stand up for what is right, and report to people who handle this not for us to but for the authorities to. this cat deserves some so called human compassion. like any living thing. thanks to all of you who wrote in about this and i for one commend you all. you all are not judgeing just saying she needs help, it is hard not to be outraged by this type of thing and after all we are human. how heartbreaking. just sorrowed by the crueltys of my own kind.

  • donna

    excuse me.. but how dare u imply that purely because this vile human has piercings that somehow explains her behaviour!!!
    i have piercings.. more than her and i am 42.. and i rescue cats.. my teens have piercings and would never behave like this excuse for a human being..
    ure comment is completely out of order and fyi ‘body art’ is tattoos and ‘body modification’ is piercings

  • Anna

    After reading the two charges I am a little confused. Is it me or do these charges read like they apply to living animals? I think this situation should be handled by her parents, however looking at all of the body art she has, one might call the parenting into question as well.

  • lynzm

    what clinic are people killing human babies? it’s not a joke, it is a CAT! A cat capable of feeling pain and love. And having its remains to be disgraced by a sadistic teenager is not ok! There is a direct correlation by people who torture animals and people who harm humans, this is a big deal.

  • nina

    She is a danger to society, it is obvious she is sick and needs some serious help. Who will pay when she decides to do this to a child?!!!!

  • nina

    oh really just a cat as if a cat holds any less value than a human. It is a living, breathing,feeling LIFE PERIOD!!! Just a cat, what exactly does that mean to you? You talk as if it is a piece of merchandise and not a living , breathing, feeling Life!!! You are just a person, and…

  • LeAnn Munson

    Out of all the comments, yours was the one with the most intelligence and compassion. (and the least spelling/vocabulary errors) If what some other person commented, that said they knew this person and that they posted looking for others to abuse animals, then she needs to be stopped before things get worse. The world is becoming more and more of a place where apathy lives. More abuse and torture is being done by children and teenagers than I have ever seen. Its becoming an epidemic. And I don’t know about everyone else, but this scares me. As well as dishearten and angers me. As an animal advocate who assists in rescue on facebook every single night, I am very worried about where our society is heading. We are rapidly becoming more and more apathetic about the suffering of animals as well as other human beings. Thank you for posting your intelligent and caring comment.

  • educator

    You should be scared, very scared because it is a proven fact that people who do this evil thing go on to do it to babies, seniors and those of society who are weakest among us. Maybe we will get luck and it will be your ignorant self!

  • SWV

    I would check to see if someone has prescribed psychiatric drugs for her or if she is suffering from behavior problems due to a physical illness. The prescriptions drugs, amounts, mixtures and durations of DRUG treatments these days are causing serious behavior issues.

    I believe she must be ill. If she has a pattern of this behavior with a history, that means she was likely a child when it began.

    I don’t think anyone behaves this way unless something has happened to them in the past, including some injury to their brains to cause it.

    And yes, we do promote this behavior in a way with our labs, including drug testing that the pharm industry does on innocent animals all the time.

    Before she is considered a criminal, there needs to be an investigation into these issues.

    I am strongly against animal cruelty. I am also against what the drug industry is doing to people and animals and getting away with – never charged with crimes – only monetary slaps on the hand.

    For more on what medications can do, especially to children or those in their early 20s – read Dr. Peter Breggin’s books or Robert B Whitaker’s.

  • Soulfinder2012

    If she has actually done these things..yes the sicko needs to be locked away,instead of people making excuses for the B**tch! Next she will be skinning her’s &/or your babies if you people disregard how Psycho she really is…just saying..

  • XMO

    Disection? For learning? Did you see the picture??? She is a sick individual. Your interpretation is bizzare and very wrong. (Oh, and by the way, I have disected multiple animals and cadavers for my work. Uh? Never occurred to me to post to facebook!!!)

  • Sitka_Rose

    Because people that are able to kill or abuse animals are able to kill babies, too. Don’t we see enough of the results in the news?

  • Guest62

    The case of the girl skinning a dead cat should be handled by the parents. In biology 101 or advanced atomy classes pigs, cats, worms, frogs, and people are dissected. The difference is just semantics. The thing about this case that interests me is how the young woman went about getting attention from the internet community. The people that are saying negative things about the girl may need to get a hobby other then posting dribble on the internet. This girl may need a psychiatrist but unless you have great knowledge about mental health you should shut your mouth and hope that the family is able to solve this problem. Amber Baird was not right for posting the pictures on face book because unless the pictures added some medical knowledge to the world it was a waste of her time she should have been applying for college or studding to finish high school.

  • Guest

    What a joke everyone is going crazy because a cat is dissected and the pics are posted Amber is fined $400. because of it but everyday people people can go down to a clinic and kill a human baby and nothing is said about that WHAT A JOKE IT’S A CAT

  • Guest

    She is one of the most disgusting humans. I’m sorry. I know her, I know her sister. This girl is disgusting and should have been fined WAY more than this. She’s lucky if I don’t contact Peta2. Matter of fact, I just might.

  • Guest

    What is wrong with you?

  • Guest

    What, are you kidding me? Apparently you are a cat hater or you wouldn’t tell people to “Chill” and that the threats are going too far. She is a sick individual (as are people who think this is no big deal) and she deserves to be punished severely.

  • GuestLee

    Sorry Bob, but I don’t condone killing bulls either. Neither one is right. This is a poor attempt to justify what she did. It’s still wrong. Period.

  • Guest

    She should be fined, she says it was “dead” but how do we really know that and what sick person would skin a cat and post it on facebook, its still animal cruelty and she needs to pay for it weather this animal was alive or dead, your just as sick as she is

  • Guest

    She posted on craigslist….she was looking for others interested in torturing and skinning other peoples pets. I called the police. she had pictures of herself with barely any clothes.. she had pictures of herself with a skinned cat and amber was totally enjoying it. Really,,, really sick. I had copied the pictures and sent them to the det. in wilmington and made a phone call. Makes you wonder if this is why peoples pets have been disappearing. She is a real sicko. Its is not just picking a dead animal off the street (sick enough in itself) She was looking for others to do torture and skinning.. someone needs to lock her up before she does it anymore.

  • BoB Wood

    so manny people ready to point fingers. Ok yes its a little odd to most people that someone would do something like this however did you not pay attention to the artical? Was their something missleading in the tittle to trick you into clicking on it? Or did you not go out of your way to read an artical about someone skinning a cat? you sick person…lol people are so quick to judge. Ok so lets look at a comparison wich is rare for me but in this case ill do it. Girl finds dead cat, takes it home, skins it, takes pics, post them VS: someone is pariaded around town as a hero, dressed in the finest clothes he/she can afford, is presented proudly to a stadium full of PAYING spectators, a bull is released, he/she plays with it, sticks some 20 or more sharp spears in it, then finily kills it with a sword to the heart. Im not condouning what has been done, I have not seen the pics and I do not know the facts but, this is her art. If we condone it in other forms we must accept this one too. good luck to you with the coruts

  • Guest-of-the-day

    if the cat was dead? If she pony’s the dough for those ridiculous charges, she is a dolt… in addition to being deranged.

  • Guest78912

    Not only did the DA REFUSE to investigate the “alleged” perjury that was done in a New Hanover County Court, ( in WAS done in a Courtroom where the hearings were RECORDED!) The DA REFUSED to investigate and swept it under the rug,guess if you are a Deputy it’s OK to commit perjury…..”Good Ol Boys Club” won’t touch you….but God forbid you are John Doe average tax payer….you will be paying thousands of dollars in attorney fees just to stay outta jail…..REMEMBER “Deputies don’t lie”

  • Guest28451

    I hope she gets the psychiatric treatment/confinement she needs before continuing on to humans.
    Most weirdos start with animals THEN PROGRESS TO HUMANS.

  • Guest

    if this was roadkill, how can there be that amount of fresh blood to write i love you.

  • Guest350

    I think this girl is a little nutty for handling roadkill to begin with. However, some of those who have commented are not far behind, including the county and animal control. I assume that all the ordinances pertain to live animals, which is a good thing. However, if the cat was dead to begin with, why has any “crime” been committed? She assumed the responsibility of catching something from the carcass, so why fine her? I suppose the county coffers are somewhat low on funds, so there are all sorts and kinds of “gotchas” now that result in fines. If I were her, I would persue this in the court system. Things are really out of control when a person puts a picture of a dead cat on the internet and gets fined for it. As for the ones threatening her, I hope the authorities get your ISP addresses and come after you, because you have committed a much worse crime than she has even if she killed the cat.

  • GuestLee

    Oh, yes she is evil…or, at the very least, extremely mentally disturbed. She has no respect for even a dead animal. She M-U-T-I-L-A-T-E-D a dead animal and then posted a picture of herself practically sticking her tongue down its throat! Doesn’t that say SICK to you? It’s not even the first one she has skinned. Doesn’t that speak SICK to you? People’s reactions to her have nothing to do with her not believing what everyone else does. It has to do with what’s right and what’s wrong. It has to do with her poor judgement, her lack of compassion, and her lack of being a civilized person. To know that you agree with what she did is extremely disturbing to many who read this.

  • GuestLee

    You need help as much as she does. There’s nothing funny about this, and if you think there is, it only shows your immaturity and lack of compassion.

  • GuestLee

    How low we have fallen as a civilization when this kind of insanity becomes acceptable. This is not modern art…this is desecration of an animal’s body. It is only one step away from desecrating a human body. At one time, this was someone’s pet which means it was a part of a family.

    How does she top this one? She’s going to want to have an even greater “thrill” after all this controversy is over. Mark my words, it’s just a matter of time before this girl kills someone and winds up in prison or on death row. She needs help now….sounds like you do too, since you see nothing wrong with it.

  • Guest

    Some of us DO understand art, the type you’re talking about. But what does this* have to do with art? This is just some hick who thought mutilating a corpse and posting pictures of herself with it would be funny. Or cool. Or something like that.

    I understand the art perspective. I have friends who collect bones from dead animals and bleach them to make jewellery, or use them for still art and the such. I also understand that some people have a genuine interest in anatomy (myself being one of them), and so might dissect a dead animal. They don’t take pictures of themselves pretending to lick one of its organs and put them up on a social networking site to look hardcore. They don’t go “OMG LOLOLOL LOOK AT US WASHING CAT GUTZ OFF OUR HANDS BAHAHAH”. There is a distinct difference.

    It may be difficult to define what art exactly is, but more often than not it is clearer when something ISN’T art. And this, obviously, isn’t.
    So she didn’t kill the animal- fair enough. Credit where it’s due. Everything else, though? No way. Merely an excuse to look cool, and using “we just have a sick sense of humour lulz” as some kind of a half-assed justification. Maybe it started out as a genuine interest in art/science/whatevs idk… but to think these pictures, and their attitudes in those comments/captions, as anything but an indication that the chick is an attention-seeking, troubled maniac is just downright ludicrous.


    Dear Father, bless greatly this individual. Use

    them in a mighty way Lord, please. I pray for

    those that persecute a Christian faith, Father

    they know not what they do. But one day, every

    knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that

    YOU, our Father, are King of Kings and Lord of

    Lords <3 Praise Your Holy Name!! Thank you Jesus

    for dying on the cross for our sins, Lord we are

    so unworthy. But You love us anyway :) Our old

    bodies get tired sometimes Lord, but You are the

    source of our strength. Bless now what You have

    given, and what You may take in Your Holy and

    Precious will, Christ Jesus. Keep us in Your will,

    Father. In Christ's Sweet Holy Name I pray, AMEN!!

  • James

    This is the same D/A and staff that refuse to investigate alleged premeditated perjury committed in New Hanover Court, not having the time to uphold the high level of Justice we deserve and expect as taxpayers. If it doesn’t advance their political career, it’s not important to them.

  • Guest

    it was found on the road dead! is she being punished for posting them? and why, she did no harm to them . i think she is being picked on cuz she doesn’t believe what everyone else does. if u went to the site “Amber Baird Mutilated a Cat?” on facebook and checked out the pics of comments u’d see she is not evil.

  • Das Weibstück

    I sincerely hope this fools family has her committed for evaluation. I saw the photos, not only did she skin and totally dissect the roadkill but she wrote in its blood and made a display for the photos. She posed with the head, holding it to her face with her tongue out almost touching the cats tongue.

    She stated she found it on the road, but what type of person picks up roadkill and takes it home to post photos on her Facebook page? Apparently it was a “friend” who reported her and set up the Anti Amber FB page…. what worries me is if this girl is as mentally unstable as she appears what will she do to retaliate? She has a criminal record already, hopefully she is on probation and the photos are sent to her P.O.

  • GuestLee

    OK, I won’t even go there with comments about how sick this girl is because your average normal person already knows this behavior is not normal. Not only is it sick, but it’s dangerous. Who knows what kind of disease this cat may have had lying on the side of the road for God knows how long. A dead, rotting corpse is open to many different diseases; and if this girl handled the cat and then had contact with others, she could have spread terrible illness to her friends and family. Unfortunately, the $400 fee will probably be paid by her parents, and she will have learned nothing. This girl needs some serious mental help!

  • Here Kitty Kitty

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  • Guest

    I have a correction from my last post. It wasn’t her sister that said that.. it was Amber that said her best friend was bitten by the cat and “they wanted to kill it but it never came around again, just like it had known they would have killed it.” One last point that I would like to make and I’ll be done here for good. How can she stand the stench of rotting flesh (“roadkill that they found on the road”) and then be able to bring that into their house and then able to skin it. IMO there is no way they could stand the smell if they just found it on the side of the road like they said, without even having to wear a mask. Those poor animals had to have been just killed. Just give it some thought, I’m not rushing to judgment here, but her story just doesn’t make any sense! I can’t believe the DA doesn’t take these things into consideration before deciding to not press any criminal charges for animal cruelty. I believe they need to investigate the matter further.

  • CM

    There is a prevailing consensus among psychologists and criminologists that anyone who commits egregious abuse against a poor helpless animal will be more than likely to do worse to a fully capable human being. The individual who did this has to face the enormity of her crime, but at the same time, needs to be given the opportunity to not just apologize but make recompense and reparation for what she has done. Let’s hold off on driving her out of town backwards on a donkey until she has had the chance to try to make up for her despicable behavior. If we do not allow her the opportunity for reconciliation and reparation, then we are doing our society a great disservice. Let it be known though if she persists in this pattern of behavior, she’ll have no sympathy whatsoever from me or any other person of good will in this region.

  • Guest

    people just dont understand modern art. the indians used all the parts of a dead body ,,,this is no different,,,the animals were already dead, and were not killed for this purpose,,, i dnt understand this art form nut if people want to expand their mind and save bones and preserve them its alright in my book. this got blown way out of proportion,,,,,

  • Guest

    People do worse. Chill. The death threats are going way too far.

  • Guest

    i know the girl(s) personally also i took some of the photos.. They find roadkill, soak the bones in bleach, and then put the bones on display or in their hair/dreads. this got blown way out of proportion. what you say you understand is RUMOR. there is no doubt what she did was is sick, but there is also no doubt that this has been hyped up by rumors, she’s a sweet girl when she’s not scraping cat brains with a razor blade.

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