Carolina Beach is trying to make quick fixes before summer


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach town officials are at it again. The town’s Road Diet Committee met to find quick fixes for their traffic congestion and safety concerns in the beach town. Now the town is asking for input from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to see what it thinks is the best way to go about making changes for Summer 2011.

According to some Carolina Beach residents, the newly finished road diet needs some changes.

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“It’s a little more unique than the people originally looking at it understood but the people that were here last week had a very good grasp on it and we are looking for some considerable improvements,” said Dan Wilcox, who is a Carolina Beach Councilman.

Come of the town councilmen admit the finished product of Lake Park Boulevard road diet is not what they had hoped it would be. The road diet was intended to reduce traffic congestion and make room for bike lanes in the central business district. Once again, the town is looking for ways to fix the problem areas.

“Right now and even during the summertime the pedestrian switches that you mash it’s like 10 seconds or so and pedestrians don’t walk that fast,” said Richard Vieregge, a resident who would like to see some changes.

The ideas at the top of the road diet committee’s list include changing the timing of traffic signals, adding more signs so people know where they are going and assigning police officers to certain intersections when there’s heavy traffic.

“Everybody wants something one way but we can’t have it all so I think the end result is going to be we’re looking for decisions and a plan that will overall be best for the whole community,” said Wilcox. “When you have a situation like this everyone is going to have to give up a little something.”

The town is finding it hard to please everyone so for now it’s settling for some short-term quick fixes for the upcoming tourist season.


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