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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — With all the chaos in Egypt, folks from around the world are concerned with the situation. For Karim Elfahla, the chaos in his homeland was a distraction during what should be one of the biggest days of his life, as he took the oath of citizenship in the United States.

Elfahla has lived in the US for about 11 years. He says although he is excited finally to become a citizen, he is still worried about his family back in Egypt.

“That situation is not a surprise. It was expected,” he said. “People have been struggling for a while and they’re really ready for a change.”

CNN reports heavy machine gun fire in Elfahla’s hometown of Alexandria, much like the rest of Egypt.

“I’m glad I’m not over there, but I wish I be there, too, to support and help my family as well,” Elfahla said.

He said his family is taking each day as it comes and protecting what they have.

“They say they’re protecting themselves. People got together, protect their property. Protect what they have. No police in the streets. Just the family protection,” he said.

Although he knows his family may be in danger, he said they are not nervous.

“They said they don’t need help from nobody. They are going to protect themselves,” Elfahla said. “They are going to continue what they are doing until they come to change.”

Change Egyptians hope will bring a better and stronger nation, including many of the freedoms Elfahla now knows as an American.

Elfahla said with the Internet blackout in Egypt, it has been harder to communicate with his family as often as he would like. He hopes the restrictions will be lifted soon.


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