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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington doctor and his family stranded in Egypt are finally safe.

After desperately trying to contact someone from the US State Department, the doctor and his family are now out of Egypt. Thanks to a network of people helping them out and a Congressman, they now have a flight back to the United States.

Richard Moore, a doctor at Wilmington Orthopedic Group was at a medical conference last week in Cairo. He traveled to the country with his wife, Beth, and three children, all students at the Cape Fear Academy.

Moore and his family were in Egypt for more than a week. They were staying in Luxor, which is south of Cairo, with another orthopedic doctor from Virginia and his family.

According to e-mails Dr. Moore sent, he had tried contacting the State Department many times. When he finally got in touch with someone, they said the only flights available were out of Cairo, but that Cairo was too dangerous to enter.

Dr. Moore sent out several e-mails to people here in Wilmington trying to get in touch with State Department officials. Moore did get in touch with Rep. Mike McIntyre’s staff, who helped secure the family a flight out of Egypt.

“We are very concerned about American families that are stuck in Egypt, and particularly families here in Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina,” McIntyre said. “Our office spoke with Dr. Moore yesterday and made sure his family was in a safe and secure location, which thankfully, they were. The question was getting them out of Egypt.”

We sent a text message to Moore Tuesday asking him how he was doing. He texted us back saying: “We are safe in Qatar and scheduled to return to the US tomorrow. So appreciative of the concern and support from everyone at home. Will look forward to talking to you when I return.”

McIntyre’s staff says they spoke with Dr. Moore earlier this afternoon. His family has a flight out of Qatar and will arrive in Washington, DC, tomorrow. They will be back home in Wilmington tomorrow evening.


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