ONLY ON 3: Egypt protests hit home for UNCW student


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Everything happening in Egypt right now seems a world away. But for one UNCW student, the crisis in Egypt hits close to home.

“Cousins, grandparents, everybody really except my parents and sisters, who are here with me,” Ahmed Metwally said about his family back in Egypt.

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Metwally and his family moved to the United States from Egypt when he was seven. He lives in Wilmington and studies biology at UNCW.

Though Metwally said he hasn’t been able to speak with any of his relatives in Egypt because of limited communication options, he said he’s not too worried, because they live outside of Cairo away from most of the violence. But Metwally says if he still lived there, h and his family would be right alongside the other protesters.

“I asked my mom, I said, ‘ What would you do if you were out there?’ She was like ‘I would probably be out on the streets with everybody else,'” he said.

Metwally said he has never had so much pride for his home country.

“It’s empowering. It feels like we can change anything we don’t like,” Metwally said.

Any chance he gets, Metwally watches the news and reads articles trying to stay up to date on the latest issue or protest.

Though everything going on is in many cases extremely violent and tragic, he said this is all necessary for much needed change in Egypt.

“Before they would just let stuff happen to them and stay quiet,” Metwally said. “This is the first time in 30 years that they’ve rose up and said we’ve had enough.”

Metwally said his parents have had a chance to talk to relatives in Egypt. They say they are fine.