Super Steelers fan remains loyal long after move to Port City


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Football games are almost as tough and emotional for fans as they are for the players. The biggest football game of the year is two days away, and Packers and Steelers fans across the nation are preparing. We met a Wilmington woman who is still loyal to her Steel City roots.

The day she was born, Linda Kasyan was wrapped in a “Terrible Towel.” Now 53 years later, she’s still waving it.

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“I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and when that happens, it’s in your blood,” Kasyan said. “Regardless of whether you still live there, you move away… Once a Steeler fan, always a Steeler fan.”

Kasyan moved to Wilmington in 1988 and brought her passion and paraphernalia with her. Some call her crazy, and she’s OK with that.

“If you’re from Pittsburgh, it’s never just a game, it’s your life,” she said. “When it comes down to it, yes, it’s just a game, but no, it’s everything to us. At the end of the game, we feel… A true Steeler fan feels like we actually made every play. Our arms are tired, our legs are tired. We feel like we are right there with the guys on the field. We are that much into the game and focused. We’re right behind our guys.”

For Kasyan, the love of the Steelers is a family affair.

“My dad always had… we had season tickets, but of course I never got to go because he always used the season tickets,” she said.

Kasyan says Steeler supporters are not fair weather fans. Whether winning or losing, they’re still cheering, but she hopes Super Bowl XLV will be a “W.”

Two years ago, the team’s slogan was “One for the Thumb.” This year, it’s “Stairway to Seven,” as Steelers fans all across the nation are hoping for a seventh Super Bowl ring

Kasyan plans to tailgate and watch the Super Bowl XLV Sunday with some like-minded people: the Wilmington Steelers Fan Club at Breaktime.


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