FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: DA talks about SBI investigation of Gore, former assistant


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An update to a story you saw FIRST ON 3 Monday night. District Attorney Jon David is speaking out about the former DA at the center of a SBI investigation.

The investigation involves Rex Gore and former assistant DA Elaine Kelley, who had also worked under David.

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David confirmed the SBI contacted him last week about the investigation of Gore and Kelley. Sources tell us investigators are looking into whether Kelley was able to expense unofficial travel in order to help beef up her salary.

David said he quickly realized that the investigation put him in a unique predicament.

“In determining that I had a conflict of interest and then asking the (Attorney General’s) special prosecutors to be involved, I then requested that they keep me apprised on the ongoing investigation,” David said. “I did that because I realized that there was a criminal part of this inquiry as well as a personnel matter that needed to be addressed, so after I learned the substance that (Kelley) had told SBI, I confronted her with those allegations.”

David did not give specifics about what he knows, but he said investigators told him Gore and Kelley were the targets of an inquiry, and that all of the alleged inappropriate activity happened before David took office.

David also confirmed that Kelley resigned after he confronted her with the allegations.

The District Attorney also stressed that the investigation relates only to administrative matters and not the way cases were handled.

“I don’t believe at this time that public safety has been compromised, and certainly any case facing prosecution has not been put in jeopardy by the actions of the individuals involved,” David said.

We reached out to both Gore and Kelley about the allegations. Gore refused to comment, and we have not received a call back from Kelley.