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COLUMBIA, SC (NEWS RELEASE) – For a single mom from Wilmington, NC, winning $200,000 on a South Carolina Education Lottery ticket was just the break she needed to be able to go back to school.

The winner told lottery officials she has been looking for work but wishing she could continue her education instead. Now she can.

“I am just so grateful and blessed,” she said.

The winner and her family were traveling home to Wilmington, NC, when they stopped for sodas at a Little River convenience store. She purchased a grape soda and a Maximum Money instant ticket, and while everyone else was enjoying drinks, she was scratching away at the ticket. The result left everyone speechless.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “We were amazed. I am still amazed. This whole experience has just been amazing.”

Wilco Hess #939 in Little River sold the winning ticket and received $2,000, a 1 percent retailer commission when the ticket was claimed.

Odds of winning the top prize on $10 Maximum Money are 1 in 428,571.


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