Egyptian native reacts to latest developments


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An Egyptian native here in Wilmington reacts to the latest developments in his homeland.

Walid Metwally came to the US for school more than a decade ago. His two brothers and extended family are back in Cairo and Alexandria. That keeps him very much attached to what is going on in his home country.

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“They are all securing themselves,” Metwally said. “They are happy for what’s going on and just hoping for the best.”

Metwally grew up under Hosni Mubarak’s rule. Metwally said he always held a high opinion of the president, but as his time in office went on, the people under him slowly defected from being loyal to the country to being loyal to themselves.

“My opinion is that the president is responsible because of his position, because of who he appointed in office. He is definitely responsible,” Metwally said.

Metwally said talk of Mubarak stepping down and making room for a true democracy in Egypt has been a long time coming and will ultimately be the best thing for Egypt.

“They and I are fully convinced that you can change the cabinet under you, but since you’re the one who appointed them, if you don’t go, then we are not hoping for much change,” Metwally said.

But what would the end of Mubarak’s rule mean for Egyptians?

“A new era,” Metwally said. “A new era that has been (sought) for a while now.”

Metwally said he wishes more than ever to be back home in Egypt. He said he will go back some time this summer.