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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — Two young men with a checkered past and connections to R.C Soles are back in trouble after another incident at the former senator’s home.

Tabor City Police are searching for B.J. Wright. Allen “Frog” Strickland, another one of the young men associated with Sen. Soles, turned himself in to Tabor City Police around 2 p.m.

Wright and Strickland have a long history with Soles and with the law. The most recent trouble started late Saturday night and spilled in to early yesterday morning.

Around 11 p.m. Saturday, police were called to Soles’s Tabor City home after Wright and Strickland reportedly rammed the gate and were doing donuts in the yard. When police arrived, the duo allegedly started a high-speed chase.

Police say they went to Soles’s home again around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, because the men were back.

Police took Wright to jail during a third visit around 8 a.m. Sunday after someone broke a window at the home.

“He’s been in trouble with the law on several occasions, but it’s an every day thing, and justice will prevail in the end,” Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless said.

Wright faces charges of fleeing to allude arrest, criminal damage to property and trespassing. Strickland is charged with trespassing and injury to real property. He was released Monday afternoon after meeting a $10,000 bond, according to Strickland.

Wright was supposed to appear in court this afternoon, but failed to show up. The judge set a $1 million bond and electronic house arrest. The prosecutor called Wright a danger to society, who causes havoc and potential harm.

Wright and Strickland called our newsroom earlier this afternoon wanting to tell their story. We talked and made plans to meet, but in the time it took our crew to get from Tabor City to Whiteville, the duo were gone. Strickland turned himself in a few hours later.

As for Sen. Soles, he did not want to talk about what happened.


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