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UPDATE (2/14): Since we first aired this story, we’ve learned that Kaycie Davis was involved in a felony shooting back in the late 80’s. Investigators said at the time she shot and killed her then husband. She was convicted of second degree murder and spent time in prison. Davis tells us her husband put a hit out on her and that’s why she shot him.


A New Hanover County mother is on the search for a new school for her child. Kaycie Davis claims that her son was constantly bullied and that the school acted slowly to the allegations.
Davis’ son use to go to Roland-Grise Middle School in Wilmington but she pulled him out a couple of weeks ago. Davis said her son was verbally and physically abused by fellow classmates and that the school district did very little.

“He has been bullied, he has been threatened, he has been beaten up,” said mother Kaycie Davis. “He’s been called every name in the book you can possibly imagine.”

Davis said the bullying was so bad that her son needed professional help. The mom said she contacted the school and the district about her situation several times.

She was sent a letter from Roland-Grise Middle School Assistant Principal John Branson. The letter acknowledges the issues Davis’ son has had at school.

In one line Branson wrote, “I feel that he is a student who wants to get along with others and fit in but like many 6th graders has had difficulty deciding how to be socially successful.”

Davis said the letter did very little to help her son, which is why she recently decided to pull her son out and find a new school. The mom said she doesn’t want other parents to go though the same situation and wants the district to create tougher punishments for repeat bullies.

“If a child lays a hand on another child to hurt them, I mean adults are not allowed to do that why should children be allowed to do that,” said Davis. “If an adult does that they go to jail so why shouldn’t a student end up going to juvi?”

As for the New Hanover County school district it cannot comment on specific incidents but released this statement…

“New Hanover County Schools has a zero tolerance for bullying behavior. What this means is we work to resolve each claim of bullying and our goal is to make our schools physically and emotionally safe for all children.”

The district added that deciding on a punishment would depend on the severity of the case. According to Davis her son’s school did punish the bullies with a couple days of suspension but Davis said still that is not enough.

The district advises parents to contact the school quickly if they feel like their child is being bullied.


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  • Victoria

    The fact that some of you work for the school system and would even comment on this situation proves what a failure the public education system is. And Dear Ramona,Please explain to us how a sixth grade child can stalk another child on a class trip or at school? In my day we called it a crush. Really you are that angry at this childs mother for standing up for her son? Or is it the fact that your child may have been a part of the problem?
    The fact that anyone would insinuate that this child brought this upon himself shows what ignorant and arrogant this society can be. No child deserves for anyone to lay their hands on them to harm them in anyway.Do you have any idea of the psychological effects bullying can have on a child? let me enlighten you, PTSD can occur any time someone feels they have no control over the way their pain is delivered. They live in fear, not knowing when they’re going to be hurt. Kids who are constantly bullied and not protected will develop symptoms of PTSD — constant anxiety, constant fear, idiosyncratic behaviors to compensate for those feelings. They’ll fall behind in their development.
    It hurts to be bullied, and this fact should never be minimized. Teachers, parents and school officials are sometimes inclined to say, “Well, they’re only kids. It happens.” It shouldn’t happen, and it’s adults’ responsibility to provide a healthy environment for our children. The best schools are the ones who develop a zero tolerance for violence and zero tolerance for bullying, and parents should demand that and support it. And any school that claims to have zero tolerence and does not stick to its policies should be held accountable.
    You question how this mother is raising her child, Well I question how you and the parents of these “bullies” are raising their children!

  • Guest

    I think that even the nature and nuture debate can continue with this particular case; bullying is serious and needs to be dealt with. We were so quick in thinking that the mother had other motives to seek help for her child but we would point the finger if she had not. We cant have it both ways. And because she is a single parent does not mean that she has every Tom, Dick and Harry in her home (to whoever made that rude comment). If the focus remain where it should – the child, perhaps we would agree that all should be done to ensure that every child attend school free from abuse and threatening situations.
    And to the media, I wonder what effect do they think that bringing up the past regarding the mother will have on her son? Do they think that will help? Does it justify the punishment? No, it does not. But, we seek information that is controversial at the detriment of a child! Now, the news has set this child up for more ridicule and torment for something his mother has done and paid her debt to society. Understanding that it is not the fault of the media when the crime originally took place, it is the fault of the media to continue to victimize the CHILD!
    Shame on you all. Have some compassion for this child. No matter the reasons of the mother.

  • Guest7969

    my parents taught me to take up for myself if physically attacked….second…they taught me to ignore any of the other crap…because later in life it wouldn’t matter…and THEY WERE RIGHT…seems like you should just stop dwelling on what is the past…its OVER…

  • Concernmom

    Home life has a lot to with how kids act. What they see at home including parents acting. Will be how they will also act and say. I am still proud of this child speaking up about what has happen. but, MOM needs to look at herself. What can she change in her life to help with home life. Who does she let in the boys life. what does he see at home? I am not saying that the action that the kids done was right by no means. but, it isn’t all up to the schools. So, she is a single mom. Don’t mean you have to bring every tom dick or harry around in the house. Get the help the boy needs right now while there is a change he can become a fine young man.

  • Lydia

    As a former educator, I would be surprised if there was not more to this story than the parent is stating. I am appalled at how often the public is quick to pass judgment on teachers and educators without having all the facts. Remember that parents can say whatever they want but educators are bound by confidentiality and professional good sense.

  • Another Parent

    It’s too bad that today’s media doesn’t do more research on a story before running it. Only quoting one line from a letter is to only boost ratings for Mr. Herrera’s story and he knows that the school cannot comment, therefore making a better story. I would suggest you google the mother’s name and you can quickly see her history goes way beyond the issues she is raising at this local school. She is a local author for this particular type of abuse, I’m sure this might help boost book sales. Good job Mr. Herrera!

  • Guest

    It’s been over 30 years since I left school (notice I didn’t use the word “graduated”).

    Long term sustained bullying really left me questioning myself, feeling worthless, and being messed up for years. I had a hard time keeping a job. There was not a nickname (heh) I wouldn’t expect to just “shut up and take it” nearly every day. My own given name was butchered to the point where, when I became an adult, I changed my legal name, since just hearing the name aroused angry feelings.

    Many years of hard work have changed my present day situation, but even time can’t stop the rude interruption to my endeavor to just move on in life. Sometimes the memories are so vivid it physically hurts.

  • ConcernMom

    First, I would like to say good for your son standing up and saying this has happen to me. A lot of times kids don’t speak about this. Press charges. This is the only way this is going to stop. Kids need to be held accountable for what they do and don’t do. I think alot of time they get the easy way out. Kicking them out of school for a couple of days. well isn’t that what they want. I am very proud of this young boy for standing up.

  • Ramona

    This particular child was stalking my daughter on a class trip and in the school. My daughter approached him to ask him to stop. He didn’t think he was in the wrong. I work for the school system and I understand the bullying process. I guess I should go fill out a report on her child for the way that he was with my child. He needs to learn how to interact with other students. He will never learn that if his parent doesn’t teach that. It is not only the school’s job to teach these skills.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Did you ever tell your son to stand up for himself, or are you planning on protecting him and fighting his battles for the rest of your life?

  • Coreyanne Rotella

    First, I applaud this kid for talking about a difficult situation. That takes courage. Bullying is nothing more than cowardice expressing itself through cruelty. Sadly, it leaves scars on it’s victims. Secondly, I could not imagine going back to high school now. With facebook and texting and twitter, the quantity of our ways to communicate with one another has gone up while the quality of what we have to say has gone down. For bully’s looking to spread malicious rumors or to instigate fights, this technology makes it all to easy. I implore both parents and educators to take this sort of behavior seriously because the victims will stop reporting the incidents if nothing is done to help them and the bullies will escalate their actions if nothing is done to stop them.

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