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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Burn bans have been issued across the state, but that didn’t stop a fire from spreading Sunday in Leland.

Faye Worthington saw the fire from her house. “It just spread. It was real bad. It’s calm now compared to what it was.”

Faye Worthington lives just a few houses down from where a fire on Mount Misery Road near Leland spread through two back yards and surrounding woods. It destroyed a car, shed and back end of a structure in her neighbor’s yard.

Worthington described what she heard. “I was inside and we’ve had wrecks out here before because of this road, being so bad. I thought it was a wreck. I heard this big boom noise.”

Worthington says she immediately called the fire department, but by then, they were already on the way.

Firefighters and EMS arrived around 2:00 p.m. and quickly worked to put out the spreading fire. Forestry services came out and dug a plow line around the fire in the woods in order to contain it.

The combination of warm temperatures, wind and the lack of humidity makes for a very dangerous situation. And, firefighters say that’s what happened here to cause the fire to spread so quickly.

Lieutenant Chris Hunt is a Leland firefighter who helped put out the flames. “All the vegetation being winter time and being very very dry and dead, a flick of a cigarette, somebody passing by flicking a cigarette out, and careless mistakes can easily spread a large wildfire.

Wildfires have popped up all across North Carolina in the past few days. According to fire services, the dry and windy conditions lead to nearly 300 fires on Saturday, burning through 3,000 acres across the state.

Sunday, a less windy day, saw closer to 100 wildfires. But even without gusty winds, the chance of a wildfire is still very high.

“Still there is enough danger there that a small fire can get away from you and cause damage that we see here today,” said Brunswick County Fire Marshal Scott Garner.

Fire services have determined that the fire Sunday in Leland was started from a cigarette.


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