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Gov. Bev Perdue spent part of her day in Wilmington today. The governor took part in a roundtable discussion on business at UNCW. Business owners were also there, wanting to know why it’s so difficult to grow their company.

Most of the questions centered around business growth, which has become a major priority with the governor’s budget proposal.

The state’s small business commissioner also took part in the roundtable along with business owners like Roxanne Reed, who is looking for answers.

“The biggest thing today was really focused on the gaps that we find as small business owners between going from small to mid size,” Reed said.

Reed and others expressed their frustration with rules and regulations when it comes to funding their businesses.

“We’re kind of caught in a quagmire,” she said. “We really only need this much to grow to be fiscally responsible, but were not big enough to get the help of the banks. We need banks and funding agencies to support that growth.”

Gov. Perdue did acknowledge each business owners’ worry and specifically addressed their frustration with rules and regulations.

“I have asked the cabinet agencies to come up with their own set of rules to be eliminated, and they’ve done that. It has to be a priority of the governor and of the people,” Perdue said. “If we do indeed believe that we are overregulated, then we definitely need to do something, and I am.”

Though Monday’s roundtable discussion was limited by time, most business owners felt like the governor actually took note of their concerns and their businesses.

During the discussion the governor also urged business owners to take advantage of the state’s capital access program that expands finance options for businesses across the state.

By reducing risk, it encourages banks and other qualified lenders to consider loans that they wouldn’t otherwise.


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