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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — B.J. Wright and R.C. Soles are at it again. Wright was spotted last night at Soles’ residence in Tabor City, where police say shots were fired by the former state senator.

Wright was once again caught trespassing on Soles’ property. But, this time, Wright left a little something behind. His clothes. Tabor City Police Captain, Dean Foley, says Wright’s blue jeans were found laying on the property.

“Just around about fifty yards or so where the woods clear a little bit going into the swamp, his hoody was found there,” says Foley. “So yea, he did kind of strip off his clothes, it seems like while he was running.”

Foley says he received a call around 9:30 Saturday night from the former senator, who said someone was banging on his garage door.

Folks in Tabor City say they are sick and tired of Wright’s antics.

“When he goes to jail, he gets out,” says Tabor City resident, Doris Rowe. “And then nobody knows where he goes. He could be armed and dangerous. He could hurt somebody really bad.”

Foley says officer Christopher Cotton and Detective Anthony Spivey responded and spotted Wright on the property.

While chasing Wright, Foley says both Cotton and Spivey were injured. Spivey was believed to have torn his rotator cuff after getting tangled in fence wire, and Cotton falling to the ground after possibly tearing his A.C.L

Foley says Cotton was chasing Wright after two shots were fired from Soles’ House.

“The door opened and an arm reached out the door and a shot was fired from possibly a small caliber hand gun,” says Foley. “He saw the muzzle flash and heard the shot echo across the water.”

Foley says Cotton continued to chase Wright into the lake on Soles’ property, but was unable to catch him.

“You’re gonna get caught sonner or later,” says William Hardee, who lives near Tabor City. “You can run, but you can’t hide.”


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  • WilmingtonMAJ

    These people are like Tabor City’s very own Charlie Sheen. Gotta love that woman they interviewed too. I’m fairly certain that the media goes out of it’s way to find the craziest looking & sounding residents they can when looking for a “local” opinion.

  • Guest

    Holy Cow Batman, this is JUST WEIRD!!!

  • Thegiant

    What did the hell went on with these
    People ??
    This is a freak show !
    Someone needs to write a book

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