ONLY ON 3: Tabor City Police – The craziness stops when R.C. is in the ground


TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — The saga involving former state Sen. R.C. Soles and a group of young men he defended in court has lasted for years. One Tabor City Police officer says it will not end when one of those young men, B.J. Wright, is finally arrested. He says it will take something more.

“I think the only time that it will end, and this is kind of hard to say, but the day they put Mr. Soles in the ground is the day that it will stop,” TCPD Capt. Dean Foley said.

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Foley says Soles has a long history of giving money to ex-clients.

“The monetary help that these people receive, they use it for drugs,” Foley said. “So as long as you’ve got money and drugs involved in any type of relationship, it’s going to turn out bad.”

Foley and fellow officers responded Saturday night to a call from the former senator, who said someone was banging on his garage door.

While chasing Wright, one officer tore his ACL. Another officer possibly tore his rotator cuff.

Foley says if Wright is not caught soon, someone else will probably get hurt.

“What happens is if he’s in a car, he’s gonna run. Somebody may get hurt,” Foley said. “An innocent bystander, himself, an officer, but if he goes ahead and turns himself in, everything turns out the way it’s supposed to, and he goes where he’s supposed to go.”

Police say Wright managed to slip away again for the second time this month Saturday, this time by swimming across the pond behind Soles’s house.

So why has Wright, who faces a $1 million bond if arrested, repeatedly gotten away?

“He says he’s facing 26 years, and that’s a big incentive for someone to stay one step ahead of us,” Foley said.

While on the property Saturday night, a police officer says he saw and heard a gun shot fired from Soles’s house. Police say they are talking with District Attorney Jon David about any possible charges.