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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man hunt for B.J. Wright has finally ended. Wright was arrested this morning across the state line in Horry County, SC. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Department brought him back to the Columbus County Courthouse this afternoon.

As he walked into court, we asked him why he keeps going to R.C. Soles’s house.

“Because he invites me,” Wright said.

Wright appeared before a judge alongside a public defender. During a bond modification hearing, the court decided to make a few changes to how Wright’s bonds are allowed to be posted.

“I think that this gives us protection moving forward, that a person who has repeatedly and habitually violated our laws is in jail where he belongs, and he is only going to get out if he can prove to the court that he’s posting the bond with lawful funds,” District Attorney Jon David said.

David said that the court is allowed to question anyone who posts bond for Wright, and that they must prove the money is coming from a lawful source.

David said in the past six months, Wright has posted at least $130,000 in bond money without any legal source of income.

“Upon information and belief, he doesn’t have a job,” David said. “He has no lawful stream of income, yet repeatedly he’s managed to somehow get out again and again. So we want to know where the money is coming from for future cases.”

David and Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten said this ruling sends a strong message that the District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Department are standing as a united front to protect the community from Wright

“It will send a distinct message to those involved and those committing these types of offenses on the run, that this court, this DA and this sheriff are not going to tolerate it,” Batten said.

Wright’s bond is still set at $1 million. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning for a hearing regarding unrelated charges.


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    RC invites BJ to his home. RC calls the TCPD and waits until they get there to shoot at BJ to scare him away. Isn’t RC’s property in the county limits? Sounds like games to me. If I were really afraid of someone, I wouldn’t be opening the door. RC has cameras, he knows who is where. If RC’s home is in the town limits then why was he not charged for firing a gun in the city limits? Why was RC not charge with firing a gun at BJ? Some people will do anything for an adrenaline rush.

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