Police say despite busts, heroin still a problem


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Three recent deaths by overdoses and arrests of accused dealers have put a spotlight on heroin in the Port City.

Wilmington Police say heroin is a problem that is always on their radar.

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“Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a tremendous increase in heroin use, especially in our community in the City of Wilmington,” said a WPD narcotics officer we won’t identify due to the line work.

The officer said heroin is in demand here in the Port City. Though the drug is not always in the spotlight, on the street it’s a hot commodity.

“If these people didn’t have anyone to sell heroin to, they probably wouldn’t sell heroin, and it wouldn’t be such a huge amount of heroin coming into the city,” the officer said.

Last september Wilmington Police took down the man they say was the city’s main heroin supplier. They say Arthur Curtis King was responsible for 90 percent of the heroin out on the street.

“Here in Wilmington he would probably be the CEO,” another undercover officer told WWAY at the time of King’s arrest. “He was the main guy in Wilmington, so right now the streets are dry. There are some people that are hurting, but he wasn’t the only dealer in town. Like I said there are others who will fill his shoes.”

Despite a big bust like this one, police say the drug’s popularity quickly had others trying to fill the demand out in the street.

Police say there’s really no end in sight, and it all comes down to supply and demand.

Investigators say they can always use help from the community when it comes to drugs. Anyone with information on any type of drug problem in their neighborhood is asked to call police.