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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Whiteville mother accused of taking her daughter to a street fight and then cheering her on is no longer an employee of Columbus County Schools. Monday night the Columbus County Board of Education spent part of its monthly meeting behind close doors to discuss Aneshia Cartret’s employment status.

“Our Board of Education this evening has accepted Ms. Cartret’s resignation,” Columbus County Schools Superintendent Dan Strickland said. “She was an NC WISE coordinator at South Columbus High School.”

At the time of the street fight between Shelby Cartret and Alex Anne Fipps, Aneshia Cartret was an employee at South Columbus High, the same school her daughter Shelby attends and the other girl involved in the fight.

On Monday county school officials said Cartret submitted her resignation on Friday, and that the board has accepted her resignation. Strickland could not say what Cartret’s resignation letter specifically said due to the fact that it is a personnel issue.

As for Cartret, she is currently facing a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a charge of public disturbance. She is scheduled to appear in court April 12.


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    Thank God for Jon David the new DA. Columbus and the other counties finally got an honest man not connected to the now felon Governor Easley and the Gores. There is a seat waiting for you Mr. Rex and Bill!

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    I believe in MR.David. I think he will show this county how to put the criminals where they need to be. Don’t let them down Mr.David that county needs you more than ever!!!! Good luck….

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    This lady is proof that the Columbus County Judicial System has collapsed. Corruption rules in this County.


    How many times does a person get slapped on the wrist in court for their crimes. Obviously the mother and the two girls have records and the courts have taken it lightly. We as parents are suppose to teach our kids right from wrong, have them grow up knowing if you break the law you have concequences.. But what does that say about our court systems. Everyday offenders get off over and over with a slap on the wrist. Do they learn. No, they are back in court for the same or similar things and the courts still give them light sentences. Obviously the mother and the two girls have not learned any lessons and untill the courts get tougher they will continue to get away with the same things. When will this ever end. When will the courts tighten up and make an example out of all affenders? The way it looks now never!!!!

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