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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We have response from a contractor accused of not paying workers for an ongoing job here in Wilmington.

“Commercial construction is a challenge,” NC Contracting president Robert Miller. “It’s very difficult for us subcontractors, the little men on the pole. It’s very difficult.”

Miller is a subcontractor working under Clancy & Theys General Contracting on the New Brooklyn Homes complex in downtown Wilmington. Several workers on the project say Miller has not paid them, but Miller says there’s an explanation.

“As far as I know, there was unforseen medical issues from a member of the Clancy & Theys team, which prolonged us getting our check, and then I had family medical issues that kind of added to the issue,” Miller said.

This story stirred up lots of comments on our website about Miller’s character and his company. He says more than half of the negative feedback stem from the owners of The Nail Man, a supplier in Georgia, who Miller says is trying to sabotage him.

“People are gonna have their opinions,” Miller said. “All I can tell you is that people are gonna get paid. Everybody that worked on our jobsite, that worked for our company is gonna get paid in full. There are people still out there working for us on the job today. Would these people be working if they had a history of not being paid? Do you think that we’d be on this job seven months without this happening sooner?”

Miller says the mix-up is a calamity that will probably only happen once, but has changed his business forever.

“Unfortunately, my reputation was destroyed, but I feel like I’ll have vindication when everybody gets paid,” he said.

Miller said checks are going in the mail Friday afternoon.

The owners of The Nail Man told us they were waiting for money from Miller they say is months overdue. Miller says they got their check, but they say it was for another job in Mississippi and not the Wilmington project. Millers said the check was for the Wilmington job, and that the general contractor on the Mississippi job is paying The Nail Man directly.


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  • Emilio

    I did a tree work for Robert Miller for 18,000, after 2 months asking him for my payment every week. He just said that was to much so I went down to $14,000 again I wait for my payment another 2 months and finally when I tell him that I going take him to the court he offer me $7,500
    to walk away if not he is going to sue me because I didn’t do the job properly also he threatened to report me with immigration just because I’m Hispanic.

  • Jose

    Mr Robert Miller is a rat!!!….. He own me $5,000.00 now from this job in Wilmington nc. I di a drywall work and he never pay me! They put a paper on their office door saying if you came to this office before call us we going to call the police!…,people please please please donk work for this people pleas please they do not pay!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..I try to bring him to court but when the sheriff went to his office and house he was under the bed or an a closet!…… Like a rat!!!!..,,,if some one know how I can bring him to court please let me know!.. Than you!

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