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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington Police Officers tell us about 50 kids and adults started fighting near 12th and Chestnut Streets this afternoon.

They say the fight continued down to 13th Street and then onto the playground at Rankin Terrace.

They arrested at least five of the fighters.

We’re waiting to get more information from the Police Department and will have more when it comes in.


Wilmington Police Department
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 – 7:20 p.m.
Case#: 2011-012746

Time: Dispatched at 3:39 p.m. – Wednesday afternoon

Location: 12th and Chestnut Streets, to 13th and Princess Streets and finally to 11th and Rankin Streets (Rankin Terrace).

Offense: Affray, disorderly conduct, related offenses

Summary: A WPD officer patrolling in the area of 12th & Chestnut Streets saw a group of 40 – 50 people fighting. As additional officers converged on the area, people began walking or running away in different directions. Some ran south on 12th Street onto Princess Street and began fighting again behind New Hanover High School. As officers arrived there, the group again dispersed and then resumed fighting in the middle of Rankin Terrace. Officers began arresting people who were fighting. WPD officers arrested six people (three adults, three juveniles). Several NHCSO school resource officers responded to assist, and they arrested at least one person. Officers confiscated two knives at the scene. No one was seriously injured. It is unclear at this time why the fighting began.

Arrest information is incomplete tonight, but additional details may be available tomorrow (Thursday).



This is to confirm that WPD officers responded at about 4:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon to disperse a large disorderly crowd.

Two groups, ranging in age from early teens to young adults, were involved in the fight. Officers broke it up and moved the two groups apart, but the groups came back together and began fighting again near Rankin Terrace (12th and Rankin Streets).

At least several people were arrested. Additional information will be disseminated as soon as details are available.


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  • uncw student

    i think that altogether gangs is a problem is new hanover and brunswick counties, especailly people wishing they were in a gang and claim it but aren’t and people that are in gangs, it is out of control, there is igger better things in life. they are a threat to society and they need to all be locked up. i am a college student, i am tryign to better my life becuz there is more to life than gang banging and drugs and thing that will never get you anywhere reguardless of race or religion it is a porblem in society that we need to work together to break the cycle and save out community.

  • Guest

    wway is racist, i tried to post my opinion on the man and the 15 yr boy three times and they wouldnt accept it, it didnt have anything racist all i said was the truth about the situation so why didnt it get publish? Oh yeah because the man was white and the gay boy was white. But they will let yall come on black people news headline that is dead and say some of the rudiest things and thats because they are black and yall think its funny but its NOT.

  • Guest

    I’m so tired of the”race” card being pulled. Grow up people!! If it smells like poop and looks like poop…….it probably is! Learn how to spell!

  • Guest

    Right, All 50 of the kids involved in this fight came from Columbus County…brilliant comment GuestLee. Is that the best you can come up with? COCO is right and didn’t sound holier than thou. Sounds like you have a problem with Christians. Many folks used the girl fight to slam Columbus County and suddenly forgot the problems happening in their neck of the woods. I guess COCO struck a nerve with you.

  • guesty

    Sorry chuckles, when you are in the public there is no expectation of privacy. You can be filmed all day long without your consent. It is sad that this is a topic of conversation, another group of young black people that can’t seem to behave in public. It is also old and the “white ppl” are getting tired of it.

  • Grand Ole Party

    I hope you are five or maybe six years old. You are not able to put a single sentence together. You are a perfect example of our failing school system. Or maybe it came from home. Who knows. But of course in the end it is all about color with morons like yourself. No one gives a flying &^%$ anymore about your color. We care more about your actions.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Can you not even spell simple words? What in the name of hell is POLICES? Please don’t post if you are that ignorant. When have you seen a police officer not want to do his or her job? I assume you have been in trouble with the law before?

  • Guest

    thats the problem the police dnt wanna do their jobs but they want a raise in pay…HA THATS FUNNY they wasting taxes payers dollars as well what do we need polices from if they not doing their jobs they letting people kill each other so they wont have their life on the line hmmm isnt that their job protecting the community. Polices and dectives pay should be cut since we are doing all the work

  • Guest

    I hope them other two boys in that video sue yall or something for putting them on here and talking bout gangs and yall didnt have their consent. Taaron didnt have nothing to do with this fight so why is his name and picture up here? Isn’t it enough the police got him down for murder charges just to rest a case they couldnt solved, now he gone and fights break out he is the center of it hmmm never heard of a died person running things on earth. BOTTOM LINE WHITE PPL/wway is RACISTS AND IF THIS WAS A WHITE PERSON AND A WHITE “GANG”” FIGHT THIS WOULDNT EVEN BE A TOP OF CONVERSation.

  • COCO

    You mean fights happen in places other than Columbus County in southeastern NC? Say it isn’t so. I thought the people of New Hanover County had evolved to a point that they did not have any fights and could therefore look down on the “ignorant” people of Columbus County. Check the facts folks, NHC has many more fights, stabbings, murders, etc. than Columbus County per capita. At least with the girl fight, as wrong as it was, there were no “young adults” involved in the fight with them like there was in this story! Wilmington is the cesspool of SE NC and has been for many years. It is a gang infested, drug infested cesspool. Columbus has its problems, and some of the high and mighty “educated” folks and media of New Hanover like to think the people in Columbus still go barefoot with tobacco juice running out of their mouth but I believe you will find friendlier and more God fearing folks there than you ever will in New Hanover.

  • GuestLee

    Yeah, you sound real friendly there, slick. It coninues to amaze me how you “God fearing folks” always spew out revenge and holier than thou attitudes. I wonder if these 50 kids were originally from Columbus County…just a thought.

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