Grad student turned candidate says he has plan to fix Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Election season is still months away, but one UNC Wilmington student is already thinking about ways to shake things up.

Joshua Fulton is a 30-year-old graduate student at UNCW and has only lived in Wilmington a year and a half. Although he has not been a city resident long, fulton said he’s fallen in love with the Port City.

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He said he knows the city’s problems and that the solution is a change of power.

“I think the current city government has gone out of control,” Fulton said. “They’re spending far too much. Our debt has doubled since 2004. Our expenditures have increased by 56 percent since 2004, and they’re not going to do anything to change that.”

Fulton said he has a plan to cut $10 million in spending. He thinks the city should pay less of city employee health premiums, and he wants to change zoning laws and put more police officers on the streets.

For a look at Fulton’s full plan to cut $10 million dollars, see