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The parents of students that are assigned to Virgo have received a message from the school system that we are all to get a survey call tonight with 4-5 questions. Could it be they want to know if we actually have any intention of sending our kids there?

Is the writing not on the wall that most people already select alternate placements and that is why the school
is running half empty? I can tell you what over a dozen parents we know are going to say…”NO, we will not send our children to Virgo”.

It does not meet adequate yearly progress and has in fact had it’s test scores going down the past few years….not up! The staff turnover exceeds local and state average. Why send a child to a failing school where even the staff don’t stay? Find out what else the school board needs to pull the plug on Virgo. I guess the tax payers are OK with running a school half empty? Doubt it.


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