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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting that killed a man early this morning. No one, though, has actually been charged with the murder.

Police say 22-year-old Roshad Donta Jenkins was shot and killed Friday morning in the Hillcrest community off Dawson Street.

Friday afternoon officers arrested 32-year-old Willis James Sarvis on several drug and weapons charges in connection with the shooting.

Investigators say the two men knew each other, and they believe the shooting was drug related.

Neither Jenkins nor Sarvis lived in Hillcrest, but Rakim Davis and his family do.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it this close to me,” Davis said. “I’ve heard about it in other places, but this is the first time it’s been this close to me.”

Among Sarvis’s charges is shooting into an occupied dwelling. Davis says it was his home.

“They shot through the house, and the bullet went through the bathroom,” Sarvis said. “The police and everybody came, and the detectives found the bullet on the floor in the bathroom. They shot through the other side of the house through the window, but we still don’t know what happened.”

Davis says he was not home during the shooting, but his wife and 17-year-old son were. Davis says he hopes the situation will be under control soon, because he is worried about his family’s safety.

“I just hope the police can just keep everything a little bit calm around here than what it is, because it’s getting too crazy,” he said.

Sarvis is also charged with felony firearm possession and selling/delivering narcotics. Police have also recovered two firearms, one of which they say was used to kill Jenkins. The other, they say, belonged to Jenkins.

Both Sarvis and Jenkins have criminal records. Jenkins’s rap sheet includes assault with a deadly weapon, gun and drug charges. Sarvis’s criminal history goes back about 15 years. His most recent arrest was last month for allegedly trafficking cocaine and other charges. He served nearly seven years in prison for a host of offenses, including drugs, robbery and burglary. While behind bars he racked up a host of infractions. Jenkins’s record includes assault, gun and drug charges.


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  • Rumplestilskin

    Every single person on the Earth is “somebody child.”

    It does nothing to alter the fact that this child was a criminal and druggie.

    Remember what Aunt Esther used to say; “The TRUTH will set you free.”

    Accept the truth.

  • guesty

    Yes, I have a child and maybe if you are lucky and have children they could come work for my child one day. He works hard in school with his advanced classes, participates actively in our church and excels in two different contact sports. The fact that “this is somebody child” really doesn’t matter. Isn’t everybody somebody’s child? Should we hold these thugs in high regard because they had a mother and most likely a father that was out of the picture? Yea, role models.

  • Guest

    really you need to grow up regardless of your opinion this is somebody child….Do you have children….I hope not I feel sorry for them!

  • Guest

    all this in this world for what donnie was good peoples he has a child and she not even one yet its sad how these careless sick people in this world have the heart to take someone away. R.I.P. donnie the father of zi and you will be miss and loved you may not be here right now but zi will always love you

  • Chica

    I don’t understand this article. Who is Davis? Were they in HIS home?Where were Savis when he was arrested were these unknown that came in? The article is spotty please rewrite.

  • Guest

    I pray for his family may you find peace to move on……I know it hurts and I know your sad and I cry with you….He could have changed though….just over a year ago when he got shot in response to him robbing someone he could have woke up and changed his life….I hope this serves as a lesson to his friends however I know it wont but I hope it does and they find other jobs cause dying isnt much of way to make a living…….
    tough love

  • kendra shuford

    i actually grew up with him and he was never a bad person just a young man who got caught up in some bad things. hes not some gangster, drug dealer,or violent criminal. No im not saying he was perfect everybody makes bad choices but NO one deserves to die. no matter what some of you may think our community loved and still loves D.T. instead of pointing out his criminal record take some time and talk to your own children about the dangers of life in the streets! And maybe think about how his mother feels right now because she just may be reading this

  • guesty

    From the story: “Investigators say the two men knew each other, and they believe the shooting was drug related.”
    Ya think? Kind of hard to beleive that aobut those two upstanding punks, err I mean thugs, oops sorry, I mean gentlemen.

  • Guest

    I believe that everyone who has commented thus far has demonstrated ignorance at some level. Whether either young man was in a gang or had a not so nice past is irrelevant; a mother has still lost her child over something I am sure could have been avoided and we all as adults should respect her lost and allow for grievance. The last thing a mother wants to see or hear hours after being notified of her child’s death is people sharing their ignorance and/or opinions. Please give her the same respect that you would desire at this time.

    Often times in this world we look for someone to blame when things go wrong and we have all been doing it for some time now. I do not understand when you guys, along with the rest of the world will realize that this does not work. It has nothing to do with being black, white, poor, or rich, we all have problems in our communities. Instead of placing blame on one group or another we should focus our energy into change.

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