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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — “Well, I don’t know what to feel, you know. Just lost everything, you know, but I got out, so that’s all that matters,” said Sean Henry, victim of a Wilmington house fire.

The smell of smoke still hangs in the air around what used to be Sean Henry’s home on Woodlawn Avenue.

Henry now calls his dog Cleo a savior… She’s the reason he escaped the flames.
“I woke up to my dog barking and barking and barking, and when I woke up, I smelled something, and I came out to the living room area, and there was just smoke and flames coming out of the kitchen. So, I got her, and I got out of the house. I tried to wave some people down, but nobody would help me, so I had to run back in and get my cell phone to call 911 myself, and by the time to firemen got here, it was too late, everything was gone.”

Henry and his friend rented the home from owner Ralph Bowers. Bowers was too upset to speak on camera but said houses can be replaced; lives cannot. He’s happy his tenants are alive but sad to see the charred remnants of the house he grew up in.

Neighbor Cliff Edwards said the early morning blaze woke the whole neighborhood. “There was a big old fire and big boom, and apparently all the other people that was living there was out, so the neighborhood, at 2, 3 o’clock in the morning was full of fire trucks everywhere. It was lightin’ up the whole street.”

Henry and his dad came to assess the damage Saturday afternoon but decided it’s a total loss. Henry’s roommate was not home when the fire started, but his room was the only room in the house that wasn’t touched by flames. Wilmington Fire Department estimates the damage at $100,000.

“Just glad that I’m still here, you know. That’s items. I’m alive,” said Henry.


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