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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington has gotten really trashy. At least that’s what one woman says about the city’s litter problem.

Lola James has lived in Wilmington her entire life. She is organizing an event to finally get some of the trash picked up off the streets.

“I want a decent home just like everybody else,” she said. “I want a decent environment like anybody else.”

James says something needs to be done about all of the trash lining the Port City’s streets.

“To see some of the things that we have around us, it is just overwhelming to me and other people,” James said. “There are actually people in this high crime area that really care about having a nice place to go.”

James lives on Evans Street off of Princess Place Drive. She says drug deals, prostitution and violence are common. Those are problems for the police. Litter, though, is a problem she feels she can help with.

James says a major problem is trash around abandoned houses. She and neighbors say the property owners do not enforce keeping a clean yard.

“I’ve been here about two years, and it’s been like this ever since I’ve been here,” neighbor Michael Jackson said. “It’s on both sides of the street, all down.”

James got so fed up with the trash, that she decided to organize an event called “Pick Up Litter Day.” She says it’s a way for everyone to get involved to help clean up not only the are she lives in, but all of Wilmington.

“It’s up to the residents and the people to make change,” she said. “It’s not just Obama, or Mayor Saffo, or county commissioners, or the school board. It’s up to the people to make change.”

“Pick Up Litter Day” starts at 9:30 a.m. Saturday at the Derick Davis Center in Maide’s Park.

James says she will need trash bags, water, hand sanitizer and extra rakes for the event. She also encourages anyone with a pick-up truck to come help out as well.


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