Southport trying to figure out why power bills have surged


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Some Southport residents say their recent power bills have been as high as $800 a month. The city says it is trying to figure out what could be making bills skyrocket and how to fix the problem.

James Davis, Jr., has lived in Southport his entire life. He says his power bill is at least $800 to $900 every month. Davis says the city needs to check the new power boxes it recently installed.

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“They need to come here and reassess the new boxes, number one,” he said. “That hasn’t made anything any better, and go back on the books and find their fault.”

Davis says he’s not the only one having these problems, and the city should know the stress they are causing the residents.

“You’ve overcharged every resident in this town, so you need to come back to the board and do what you’re supposed to do right. Put the right light bill like you should be,” Davis said.

Southport Mayor Robert Howard says the city is working to help find out what is causing the electric bills to be so high. He says one of the issues that has been discussed is that the new boxes need to be recalibrated to make sure they are calculating power use correctly.

“What we’ve asked our staff to look into to let us know at our next Aldermen meeting exactly what the cost of it would be and what the process would be. so that we can find out with the new boxes are measuring electricity accurately,” Howard said.

Howard says some bills have spiked more than 150 percent of previous bills. He says this is obviously a serious problem that the city hopes to address soon.

“If the citizens have problems, we have problems,” Howard said.

The Southport Aldermen plan to meet during the second week of April to determine if they will recalibrate the new meters.