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RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – As legislators debate whether to implement sweeping charter school reform, Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) wants to educate parents on how charters will help enhance our state’s education system.

PEFNC, along with Wilmington City Councilman Ronald Sparks and The Wilmington Journal, is sponsoring a free screening of “Waiting for ‘Superman’” that will take place on Thursday at 6 p.m. inside Wilmington City Hall. The groundbreaking documentary details the decline of America’s education system and illustrates how charter schools are reforming education in our country. Up to 200 people are expected to attend.

Thursday’s screening comes as state lawmakers consider a bill that will eliminate North Carolina’s charter school cap and create a commission that will oversee charter growth and administration, among other provisions. The event also serves as a prelude to a late April town hall forum that will allow parents to further understand how parental school choice will improve the quality of education in New Hanover and surrounding counties.

“Education reform is often centered on Raleigh or Washington D.C., but everyday citizens have to be involved if we want the best education for all our children,” PEFNC President Darrell Allison said. “When everyday moms and dads are involved, nothing but good comes from that.”

Free food will be served at the screening. Those interested in attending are asked to register at www.pefnc.org. For more information, contact PEFNC Communications Director Stan Chambers at (919) 995-0741 or at stan@pefnc.org


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