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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — Brett Blizzard is one of the most recognizable names in Wilmington. He literally put UNCW on the national college basketball map leading the Seahawks to three NCAA Tournaments during his playing days at UNCW. He recently retired from playing, but works at WWAY as the co-host of WWAY’s Full Court Press.

Blizzard turned an old warehouse in Wilmington into a basketball showcase. It sounds impossible, but it happened nearly overnight.

“This is something that I would have liked to have had when I was a kid,” Blizzard said. “I had to do something. I’m not playing in Europe anymore. I lost the passion and drive for that. This is what I’m passionate about, giving my experience back to the youth of Wilmington. My main goal is to develop players whether they’re a young age or in high school or professional players that want to come in the off-season to train. We want to give them all the tools they need to be better as a player. In fact I believe my Full Court Press experience led me this direction.”

The AAU basketball season is starting to heat up. Blizzard’s facility will be the home court for several Wilmington based AAU squads. Coincidentally the goals at the new facility came from UNC Wilmington. The court came from San Diego State University. Brett said, ” I was lucky. I called Horner Flooring, the company that makes Final Four floors and NBA floors. And I said what do you do with the old floors? They had a few, but this was the right fit for me. It just worked out that they’re having a great season and it makes me want to be an Aztec fan, I tell you that.”


Address for Blizzard’s gym…. 301 North Green Meadows Dr. Wilmington,NC

Brett’s website: www.blizzardathletics.com


Brett Blizzard also has announced the inaugural Blizzard Athletics League for 18 and older:

The Facts:
– Game Play will be standard to most any other league in town(20 minute half…exc.)
– The League will be played from the Last day in March to the last day of April with tournament at the end
– Games will be played on Monday and Wednesday of each week, with a few odd Tues/Thursday games at the end.
– Teams will cost 500.00
– Which will ensure a 7 game schedule for each team, and 1 guaranteed playoff game.
– Deadline to sign up is April 1

New League Features:

With the Blizzard Athletics League you will receive:

– Game-time individual statistics
– Game-time team statistics
– Online Individual Statistics
– Online Team Statistics
– Online Team Records
– Online *players of the week*

Within the New facility:

NCAA Division 1 Basketball Court – Brought all the way from San Diego State University
NCAA Division 1 competition Goals
As, I’m sure you have noticed, there is only 14 days until the league starts…


– You know that you will be signing up a team, but haven’t worked out the details yet, please let me know. So I can save you a spot. (email me)
– THE QUICKER YOUR TEAM COACH/CAPTAIN contacts me, the better I can facilitate schedule conflicts.
– I will then email you the official sign-up sheets.

Feel Free to email Brett with any questions and team reservations at blizzleague@yahoo.com


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