Brunswick County principal hits the roof


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County school principal was out of the office today… and on the roof. The principal of South Brunswick Middle School honored a promise he made months ago to his students.

Brock Ahrens challenged his students to raise $10,000 for Jump Rope for Heart. In return he would move his office to the roof of the school for a day. Students not only met his challenge, but exceeded it raising more than $12,000.

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It’s the largest total for middle schools in North Carolina.

“I wanted to do something more on the lighter side to relax our kids, and I wanted to teach them also about the responsibility of making a promise and carrying out that promise, so I would have been out here rain or shine today,” Ahrens said.

It was sunny, but things were still a little wet. Ahrens and students exchanged water balloons throughout the day.