Firefighters say don’t burn because of dry conditions and gusty winds


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — High winds, warm weather, and little rain in sight mean it’s a bad time to burn anything in Southeastern North Carolina.

“Been seeing a lot of flames, a lot of smoke, and I was upset because it was so close to my house.” Susie Viscarra said she’s never seen a fire so close to her house in the 24 years she’s lived off of Boundaryline Road in Carolina Shores.

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Today’s wildfire was one of many that affected southeastern North Carolina. Dry conditions and gusty winds turned a controlled burn in Horry County, South Carolina into an out of control blaze in Brunswick County.

“Obviously, common sense you want to have some type of control tools around. A garden hose goes a long way to help you keep a fire where it’s supposed to be.” Cape Fear ranger with the North Carolina Fire Service Bill Walker said a rake or a shovel help too.

But he and Calabash Fire Department spokeswoman Honey Shores said now is not a good time. “It would just be a good idea to refrain from all outdoor burning at this time with the dry conditions and the high winds. You just never know.”

Viscarra said watching the flames and smoke dance so close to her home was scary and frustrating. Her home was one of hundreds that were in the line of fire. “I was down at the clubhouse playing cards when we saw the smoke, and when I came up the side street, the smoke was billowing like it was by my house. I thought it was my house, but it wasn’t.”

“If you think you see a forest fire or a brush fire, call 911 immediately, try to give them as accurate a location as you can for the fire, and then let us respond and take care of it. It’s probably better not to try to put it out yourself. It’s better to call for professional help right away,” said Shores.

It took 50 firefighters two and a half hours to put out the 40-acre blaze. No injuries or structural damages have been reported at this time. Firefighters will continue to monitor the smoldering brush through the night.