breaks down the nuclear crisis


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The threat of radiation in Japan is hitting home… two local men are trying to break down the scary situation.

Nearly two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami, the situation at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan keeps getting worse.

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One day before the quake, Mark Polites and John Albertson created… a blog all about nuclear issues.

“I rely heavily on my training. I’m not a scientist or anything, but I know a lot about the field itself. I’ll quote the government sources and give the links to the government papers right in our articles,” said Polites.

Polites and Albertson bring separate areas of expertise to the website. Polites worked for a year in security at the GE Hitachi nuclear facility in Castle Hayne and was trained for nuclear safety while serving as a Pennsylvania police officer. Albertson gained nuclear training while he served in the Marines.

After the earthquake-tsunami combination hit, their website hits jumped from less than 100 to more than 5,000. Followers want to know what’s happening in laymen’s terms.

“They’ve used a fuel called mixed-oxide fuel which contains plutonium, and plutonium is one of the most toxic substances known to man on earth. So, it’s sort of a Pandora’s Box, and they put it right on the coast, so it got hit by, like, a 30 foot wave from the tsunami, which took out the emergency power, and these things stay hot for weeks,” said Polites.

Polites said as long as they keep a lid on the fuel and don’t let anything leak, we have nothing to worry about in America. As far as the possibility of a disaster like this hitting home at the Brunswick nuclear plant, Polites says the fact that we have fewer reactors bunched together is a great thing. Plus, they’re made of sturdy stuff.

“They’re very safe designs. If this hasn’t shown they’re very safe designs, they’ve withstood a historic earthquake and a tsunami. It’s like a Biblical trial if you look at it that way. So…and it’s only two reactors,” said Polites.

Polites said the blog has followers in Japan too. Polites says it takes weeks to cool off a nuclear reactor, so the crisis in Japan could go on for a while.