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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A friendship gone horribly wrong. Micheal Smith, whose body was found in a Monkey Junction parking lot may have been friends with his accused killer Charles Saliba.

According to search warrants, Smith and Saliba saw each other the night before Smith’s body was found.

The court documents say that Smith’s girlfriend Tabitha Hall was with Smith the night before his murder, when he told her he was going to see “Charlie,” who was later identified as Saliba. Hall said that Smith and “Charlie” were friends and hung out together.

According to the court documents, Smith’s body was found last Thursday morning in the front passenger seat of a 1998 Mercury Mystique belonging to Hall.

The car was parked outside of a Blockbuster on South College Road.

Smith had two gun shot wounds, one to the left side of his head and the other to his chest. Detectives found a .22-caliber bullet casing beside Smith’s body and a debit card belonging to Lisa Vivola.

According to court documents, Vivola says Smith called her last Wednesday, asking if she wanted to buy some prescription drugs.

When Smith showed up, Vivola gave him her debit card, but he never returned with the pills.

Warrants say after investigating Smith’s cell phone records, detectives found a call was made to his alleged killer, Charles Saliba, last Wednesday night.

The warrants say that after searching Saliba’s car and home, detectives found several plastic bags with prescription medications, multiple syringes and what appeared to be used heroin bags.


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