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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – We followed up with New Hanover County Manager Bruce Shell today and asked him about the allegations County Commissioner Brian Berger made in an email Monday saying county staff was withholding or filtering information that he requested and approving secret meetings that he was not invited to.

Here are the questions we emailed Shell and his response:

1) Why did Brian have to wait so long and have to repeatedly ask for information on the non-attainment issue?

Commissioner Berger’s very broad request for information was made to Planning Department staff. He asked that that information be delivered to him last Thursday. According to our email records, at 4:28 pm, Thursday, Planning Director, Chris O’Keefe emailed the requested information to me. As is customary, I reviewed the information and added more details and responded to Mr. Berger at 11:41 Friday morning.

2) He claimed this morning that he still hasn’t gotten all the information he has requested. Is there a problem getting him what he’s requested?

I am unaware of any information that Mr. Berger hasn’t already received. This included 6 month’s worth of email regarding anything related to air quality issues.

3) Is he correct in saying what he has gotten has been “filtered” by the staff?

No and the requested information from planning staff was referred verbatim and I added additional information.

4) Have there ever been “secret meetings” as he alleges attended by county staff or other county commissioners regarding the non-attainment issue?



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