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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Less than 12 hours after shaking on a gentlemen’s agreement at Thursday night’s agenda briefing to work together and get along, Commissioner Brian Berger wrote another post critical of his fellow commissioners.

Friday morning at 3:13 am, he posted this on the Lower Cape Fear Republican Women’s Club Facebook Page:

Brian Berger: The most ridiculous part about this issue of non-attainment is that we all might very well agree on the outcome desired, and possibly how to accomplish that, and by all I mean all five County Commissioners, the Mayor and City Council of Wilmington, and that might not be true of any other issue.

It’s tough to say though for certain because some people have to clear everything with Wilmington Industrial Development, some with Titan’s representatives, and those meetings are out of public view and the County has no strategy or position on this issue.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the technical aspects of every EPA regulation, but I don’t need permission from WID or Titan to form a position of my own, and I’m not afraid to discuss that position publicly with any citizen, whether they agree or disagree.

Now, can you tell me NHC’s strategy to avoid the non-attainment designation? Do you know the County’s position? If you do, please tell me…because expertise is useless without principles and the courage to act without having to get permission from scott satterfield first.

All do respect, politicians with nice hair deferring to WID to make decisions hasn’t worked out well for the County so I’d rather see the Board of Commissioners make a decision without letting WID drive the bus. Near as I can tell that’s the best way to describe NHC policy on non-attainment.

I’m the first to admit I make mistakes, and can communicate better, but some of the criticism and attacks directed at me results from my independence from special interests. Technical experts can be bought. Principles are free with courage, and good government demands elected officials who have enough of both to make decisions free of special interests…especially groups with a poor track record.

Tomorrow many of you will call me a murderer and divisive and lots of other nice things because I wrote this…
Ask questions!

“Now we have a new post, and Mr. Berger is not going to live up to it,” Thompson told the StarNews this afternoon. “I am just at a loss.”

Chairman Jonathan Barfield told the paper he was disappointed by the latest post and said it is clear that Berger does not want to find a way to work together.

“It is really scary. We had four deputies at our meeting yesterday. Commissioners are worried if we’re safe,” Barfield said. “I am praying for him.”


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