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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With one commissioner accusing another of holding secret meetings and stealing his notes and the other questioning his accuser’s mental status, the New Hanover County Commission clearly has some issues to work out.

We wanted to talk with Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield about what’s going on and what can be done to smooth things over, as well as his on-going battles with the New Hanover County Board of Education. But Barfield said he was too busy. He said he was unavailable because he had several meetings and had “to iron a shirt.” When we asked if we could e-mail him some questions to get some sort of response, he said, “I’d rather not e-mail. The e-mails go everywhere.” We even offered to meet him before this afternoon’s Agenda Briefing, but he said he could not talk until tomorrow.

This is just the latest example of Barfield avoiding our questions. Several times in the last couple of months he’s told us he just doesn’t have time to talk. We’ve given him ample opportunity. That’s our job.

Tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 you’ll see the other side of issues involving him as the leader of county government that he refuses to respond to in a timely manner.


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  • Guest

    While suggesting that he is against some for the intimidation of free speech, Catlin is trying to bully and intimidate his younger associate. I suppose if catlin goes after berger for the notes remark, we can expect berger to go after catlin for the crazy remark. Catlin is an arrogant man and he should think twice before he opens a pandora’s box-including his own closet. If Barfield or any of the others were a leader calmer heads would prevail and we would have an end to this–and a renewed focus on the county business, this all reflects on Barfield as a leader. A strong leader would bang heads in private and keep this from escalating even more.

  • Guest333

    To the bloggers who condemn the media for reporting what is going on in the Commissioners office,I ask you, “Would your rather not know? Is it better to keep your head in the sand or are your related to one of these goofballs?

    Why would you NOT want to know how ridiculous your elected officials are? They are clowns, like in the circus, being EXPOSED!

  • Lab Monkey

    Three cheers to TV3 for stepping up and taking a hard line with our elected officals! At least they are NOT concerned with putting an anchor’s name on every gimmick they can come up with (Cacky’s COats, Marcy’s Wheels) and all of the soft news the other guys do. As for our county comm’s.. on my! Joe is too busy threatening the school board.. Berger seems to be not quite right.. and NONE of them have the guts to stand up to City Hall. Between annexation, taxes, and our government I think it is time to move.

  • TyroneBiggums

    Scott, you never had a busy day before? I think their meeting was at like 4:00 or so this afternoon. Sounds like Barfield had some stuff to do between mid-morning and then. NHC isn’t his full-time job and he was already going to be working on it for 2-3 hours today. He offered to speak tomorrow, was honest enough to say he was trying to iron a shirt and get to an appointment. So Berger is weird and Catlin stole his notes… that’s not an emergency, it could wait till tomorrow.

    Dang, you never been in a rush to get somewhere and you realize all your shirts are dirty except that wrinkled one you’ve delayed wearing since it needs to be ironed, which is because your wife left it in the dryer crumpled up for 2 days like an idiot instead of doing her job and hanging it up as soon as the dryer buzzed, but while you’re yelling at her about being a lazy harlot WWAY is calling you and she’s locked herself in the guestroom crying so now she won’t have dinner ready on time and you’re going to have to iron your own shirt and so you’ve got to tell the news guy to wait till tomorrow?

  • Concerned Citizen

    May i submit a reality check for the people who think Mr. Barfield has no duty to answer questions to the media, GET REAL you have a responsibility to answer questions in regards to how your county is being run whether you are the media or the little old lady next door. If he is a elected official that YOU put in office to handle the county and it’s affairs. Guess what when you step into government like that you are going to be continually subjected to public scrutiny and accountability for your actions and the actions of your minions that seem to be out of control with all the jazz going on lately. This is NOT the correct way to conduct yourselves when you are in this position and certainly not what we as constituents expect of you so if you keep skeletons they will show up eventually.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t WWAY have anything better to report than to keep putting county commissioners in the news. I pull up the front page and the top 9 stories are nothing but the county commissioners having a bickerfest. I for one am sick and tired of reading about this every single day. Get over it.

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