WASTEC, workers wait to find out what’s next


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County is down in the dumps after shutting down its WASTEC facility. Last night county commissioners voted to shut down the trash incinerator after a review of the facility revealed that it was in horrible shape.

Today the layup process started at WASTEC. Officials are determining how to approach the task at hand.

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Crews have to take trash to the landfill, chemicals have to be disposed of and the facility has to be cleaned from top to bottom.

The county’s decision to close WASTEC will result in 38 people being laid-off. Environmental Director John Hubbard says the workers are hanging in there.

“They’re disappointed. They’re upset. I can understand that,” Hubbard said. “I want to emphasize one thing, though: there is a plan to refurbish wastec and possibly bring it up in 18 months. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow even though you tell them, ‘Hey, you may have a job again in 18 months.'”

County commissioners have not decided on a specific plan on how to repair WASTEC and bring up its efficiency rate. The commission will receive several option at its May 16 meeting.