Durham police investigate mother of missing boy


    DURHAM, NC (AP) — Authorities are investigating whether the
    mother of a missing 5-year-old boy was involved in two murders at
    their Durham home.

    A search warrant released Tuesday says authorities have searched
    the residence where Vania Sisk lived. An investigator from the
    Durham Police Department says in the documents that authorities
    have evidence indicating that Sisk and Pete Moses were involved in
    the murder of a juvenile and an adult.

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    The documents do not name the victims, but Sisk’s son and a
    28-year-old woman who also lived in the home have been missing for
    weeks. Authorities say the killings reportedly occurred in the
    home. They found evidence including a bullet, shell casing and
    possible human blood.

    Sisk and Moses have not been charged in the deaths.

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