Azalea Garden Tour: Oakdale Cemetery


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It may not be the traditional venue you’d think of for a garden tour, but the Oakdale Cemetery is certainly not a stop you’ll want to miss on the 58th Annual Azalea Garden Tour.

At this garden, you’re encouraged to drive through the more than nine miles of roadways through the property and admire the beautiful landscaping.

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Not only can you admire the camelias, azaleas and dogwoods that dot the grounds, but even the statues themselves can be impressive.

“Oakdale Cemetery is an outdoor museum,” superintendent Eric Kozen said. “It’s a garden and a museum with all the beautiful statuary, flowers. There’s literally hundreds of azaleas and dogwoods that grace the grounds here. We have a full array of flowering plants that adorn 165 acres of property.”

Oakdale is a historic cemetery, founded in 1852. On the tour, you will find men and women in period clothing decorating the grounds taking you back in time.