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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Greenfield Lake. Everyone knows where it is, but it has become a little bit forgotten; upstaged by other area parks.

But Greenfield was center stage Friday as the site of the 2011 Azalea Garden Tour Ribbon Cutting.

“i am over the moon. This is unreal,” Azalea Garden Tour Chair Gayle Ward said. “I have worked on this project, our Garden Tour, for a year and a half now, and to look out and see all of the Azalea Belles, the Summerall Guards and the folk coming to enjoy our ribbon cutting and our Garden Tour starting this afternoon is just so exciting.”

It all started here. The cape fear garden club came up with the idea of a garden tour at greenfield in 1948.

This year’s Ribbon Cutting was exciting and colorful with belles and more belles, Summerall Guards and dignitaries. A great event to enjoy on this spring day but a lot of work for the Cape Fear Garden Club.

“This is the culmination of more than a year of work by our entire club. All 357 members,” Garden Club President Sandra Kittinger said. “And it is the crown jewel of the Garden Tour. We are so happy to be here today.”

With one clip of the scissors, Queen Azalea Heather French Henry cut the ribbon, and the 2011 Azalea Garden Tour was officially open.

The event, like the Azalea Festival in general, was a big hit, but those participating seemed to get the most out if it.

“It’s definitely a lot of fun,” Azalea Belle Miller Hales. “It’s fun to see everybody different dressed up. Everyone likes to take your picture. It’s a good experience.”

For more information on the Azalea Garden Tour, visit http://www.ncazaleafestival.org.


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