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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With a federal government shutdown looming, many are wondering how that will affect the Cape Fear area.

National Parks are expected to close down, and that would include the Moore’s Creek National Battlefield in Pender County.

The IRS will be closed during a shutdown. The taxman, though, says you should still file tax returns by the April 18 deadline. The IRS urges electronic filing, because those returns are filed automatically.

Most folks in Wilmington say they don’t understand why both sides in Washington cannot just come to an agreement on a budget.

“It’s a shame that the two sides, the two parties, don’t get along and agree on things,” Lenny Laskowski of Wilmington said. “I think they have a tendency to just walk to party lines, and as a result they agree not to agree, and as a result they kind of delay things. They really just need to work as a team like companies do.”

The federal courthouse in Wilmington will remain open for 10 days if the government shuts down at midnight tonight. During those 10 days they will decide how to proceed if the shutdown continues.


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