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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina legislators aiming to improve education are looking at whether to pay students for coming to class and earning good grades.

A leading Republican senator has proposed offering cash to each of the state’s 1.4 million public school students who meet certain goals. Sen. Fletcher Hartsell of Cabarrus County says cash incentives might motivate students to work harder or get uninvolved parents to do more to help their children learn.

He wants a two-year study looking at the pros and cons.

A statewide student rewards program be far more extensive than the experimenting that’s been going on for years in cities like Baltimore, New York and Chicago. Researchers say offering rewards can work, but don’t always improve results.

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  • Guest:guest2

    Zach, you have got to be kidding me! How does teaching kids that the way to get ahead in life is to sponge off other peoples’ money? I am trying to send my own child to college and THANKS TO HAVING TO PAY FOR EVERYONE ELSES’ KIDS, I don’t even know if I will be able to do so. If I can’t, I will TELL MY CHILD SHE WILL HAVE TO GET A JOB AND HELP PAY HER OWN WAY!!!!!!!!!

    I also grew up dirt poor, but I never felt like society owed me anything. We were taught hard work is what would get us ahead. We are raising kids to look at everyone around us and COVET what others have. We won’t go and rob a bank to get other peoples’ money, but some sure will elect politicians who will rob others blind (thru forced taxes) to take as much of their hard EARNED money as they can possible get their hands on. God help us!!

  • Zach

    If students received payments a lot of problems would become resolved. Kids often spend money really fast, this would very much help our economy grow. When the economy becomes bad people hold onto money, when they hold on to money it becomes worse. If children were contributing to the economy, it would never slow down. Plus children could save the money for their college education or help their families. Coming from a poor family myself I rarely got any money. If kids were given cash incentives it would solve: The economy slowing down, college loan debts and poverty. This is a great idea!

  • mm

    It’s unfortunate that we now look to pay children for doing what they are supposed to do. This government guarantees the right to a free, public education. Public education currently provides breakfast and lunch, free medical assistance (school nurse), psychological services, social services, school supplies, and if time permits, education. Now we want to PAY the students? How about fining the parents who don’t provide for the safety, welfare, and moral character of the children they send to school,if it doesn’t interfere with a vacation, for us to “fix”.

  • Mariana

    Legislators want to pay students to do what they should already be doing but then cut teachers and administrators and double class sizes?? I would like to see the legislators try to teach in a public school for a week, they would never last. Teachers have not received a raise in years and more cuts are being discussed? They should start funding schools for school supplies, books, technology and a million other things that could help these students. Then if there is so much money left over and they need to give it away, how about rewarding the teachers that are busting their ass to teach this generation and make a difference and motivate students instead of bribing them.

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