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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said it has made five arrests involving more than 40 Breaking and Entering cases spanning across five months.

NHSO Detectives said most happened at homes off the Gordon Road area.

The NHSO arrested 19 year-old: John Barfield, 17 year-old Daquain Johnson, 19 year-old Theophilus little, his 16 year-old brother Gregory Little and a juvenile.

“Crimes start off small,” said New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon. “Maybe you break into a car, steal from a store but now we have five individuals who were working together to commit all these house break-ins.”

Sheriff McMahon said the group would enter homes during the day, taking all types of items from inside, including electronics and even guns.

“At this point we believe we have gotten the core,” said McMahon. “There may be some more charges coming.”

The news of the arrest brings comfort to many neighbors in the area targeted, but say they’ll continue to be vigilant.

“Hopefully it’s coming to a close,” said David Ruxton. “This is a great little neighborhood for the most part, very quiet.”


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  • DihardChristian

    You have to be the lowest scum on earth to break into somebody’s house while they are at work making a honest living. They could care less what it does to the victim. I think it should be a stricter punishment and maybe that would cut down a little on the breaking and entering. I hope all of these scum do some serious time.

  • X Parkhood resident

    I am very pleased to see that the thuglettes have finally gotten caught. I am a victim of theft by these young men (June 25th, 2010). Broken in window…stolen TV, jewerly box, camera and juice out of the fridge. I am thankful that was all that happened. But PLEASE do not judge these boys before you know their situation…no good role models equals no good behavior from the childred. Yes these boys are all children acting as ill-behaved adults. We need to pray and hope for all involved in these events.

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