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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It wasn’t part of an Easter Egg hunt, but students at Cape Fear Community College recently discovered an egg during a geology class.

As part of a forensics geology project, students bring in unusual rocks or artifacts and work to identify them with the help of instructor Phil Garwood. Last week, a student brought an unusual, grapefruit-sized rock to class, and with closer examination, Garwood discovered it was a genuine dinosaur egg.

“(I) wasn’t very sure if it was a dinosaur egg till I brought it here in Mr. Garwood’s class, then he told me it’s a dinosaur egg 100 percent, and this kind of egg is 72-90 million years old,” student Febee Anderson said.

The geology class brings and identifies tons of artifacts from the Cape Fear area such as arrowheads, fossils, ancient tools and bones.


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