Brunswick County law enforcement watching drivers closely this weekend.


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –If you are planning to drive in Brunswick County this week, plan to break your bad driving habits. Law enforcement will be on the look out for dangerous drivers. And people we spoke to like that plan.

Hope Barfield said “I think it’s a good idea.”

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While Hope Barfield doesn’t plan on traveling this weekend, she knows how dangerous alcohol can be. “And it’s not just you that you’re putting at risk it’s families and just individuals so it’s important that they crack down on that.”

Which is just what Brunswick county police have in mind, stepping up enforcement of speeding, aggressive drivers as well as drunk drivers. It’s called operation spring break.

Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne said, “we invite people all over the country to spend time in Brunswick county vacationing. what we want to ensure is that they do so safely.”

Teresa Joyner another Brunswick county resident we spoke to said she does see her share of bad drivers.” I would say sometimes people on their cell phones I see and sometimes I might see young people putting on their makeup and reading.”

Police say recent fatalities have been a result of hostile and drunk drivers and they intend to fully enforce motor vehicle laws.